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Unit Title: Radar Station
Equipment Type: LW/AW Mk IA
Formation Order: AFCO B269/43
Disbandment Order: AFCO B133/46

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Significant Events
Significant Events:
1943-07-14 Unit Formed in Canberra ACT
1943-08-16 Personnel travel by train to Mascot NSW
1943-08-26 First personnel leave in 2 a/c for Port Moresby
1943-08-27 3 more a/c leave for Port Moresby(1)
1943-09-01 Radar erected & tested
1943-09-03 Equipment repacked for transit
1943-09-04 Road convoy leaves for Koitaki PNG
1943-09-05 Camp & equipment erected
1943-09-09 Radar erected & operational
1943-11-02 IFF Interrogator installed
1944-06-19 LW Plotting room erected
1944-07-22 Placed under 104FCU control
1944-08-23 Ceased operations
1944-08-24 Radar dismantled & packed
1944-09-01 Unit moves to 104FCU Port Moresby
1945-01-03 Equipment overhaul completed
1945-01-08 Radar erected
1945-01-09 Radar operating for training purposes
1945-02-01 Ceased operations
1945-07-14 Equip loaded on RAAF O6-14
1945-07-15 RAAF O6-14 departs
1945-07-16 Unit personnel leave by air for Madang PNG
1945-07-30 Equip unloaded in Madang PNG & moved to 3RIMU
1946-01-11 Unit Disbanded

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