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(posted by Kath Cooney on 15 February 2018)
Hello, hey friends juts wanted to how was your day? and need to know can i discuss about other topics here? the site seem's great so just need some help and guidance. Thanks.

(posted by jamesolive on 6 February 2018)
Thank you so much for sharing this fascinating historical information about our wartime radar stations. 70 years later we are still grateful to you for your contribution.

(posted by Dave on 7 September 2016)
Thanks for everything that you have posetd on the site!This stuff takes me back to some really long weekends spending hours in line at the Coconut Teazer, then going to the Palomino club after for dancing until Sunday afternoon!!! I believe the clubs were No Doz and Sketch Pad, but the mind forgets things like that sometimes!Good times .

(posted by Odila on 25 December 2015)

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