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Unit Title: Radar Station
Equipment Type: LW/AW Mk I
Formation Order: AFCO B103/43
Disbandment Order: AFCO B383/46

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Significant Events
  1. 3 a/c leave Mascot on first day and 4 a/c next day. Journey was Mascot, Archerfield, Charleville, Cloncurry, Daly Waters & Drysdale on USAAC Hudsons
  2. Radar site 1 mile from camp which was around the old Pago Mission building
  3. Tower located 300 yards inland
  4. Air raid by 21 bombers and 6 fighters. Warming given by unit at 95 miles. Minor damage to 58OBU - none to 317RS. A missionary and 5 natives killed when a bomb hit theor slit trench
  5. New site two miles from 58OBU
  6. 54Sqn (RAF) piloted by FlgOff D.W. Gray became lost and ditched. His location was estimated using 317RS plots and the pilot was recued 36 hours later.
  7. A number of 317RS personnel were transferred to the LORAN station to assume operations from the Americans
    Sir Graham Moore Island Location: 13d52m00sS 126d35m00sE Elevation 215 feet

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