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Unit Title: Radar Station
Equipment Type: AW Mk I
Formation Order: AFCO 318/42
Disbandment Order: AFCO B23/46

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Significant Events
  1. On same day moved by launch to Dunk Island
  2. Number of personnel contract Dengue fever in first week on the island
  3. Sgt was member of group of 44 US marines under Maj Darnke
  4. Solenoid rewound in HMAS Australia workshops
  5. Hand injured in premature gelignite explosion
  6. LAC Cavanagh buried in Tully Cemetery
  7. After the war, the USS Phoenix was sold to Argentina and became the General Belgrano
  8. The tree lopping was to improve the radar propagation on low flying aircraft. Ranges achieved were: 7/11/44 163 miles, 13/11/44 185 miles, 16/11/44 191 miles
    Location 17 56', 146 10'. Elevation 925 feet

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