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Unit Title: Radar Station
Equipment Type: Mobile ENG Mk V GCI
Disbandment Order: AFCO B375/46

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Significant Events
Significant Events:
1943-12-20 Unit formed at Richmond NSW(1)
1944-03-01 Mobile equipment moved by road to 1RIMU
1944-03-02 Radar set up at rear of Officers Mess
1944-04-19 Equipment dismantled and packed
1944-05-12 Unit leaves by train from Sydney
1944-05-26 Unit arrives at Larrimah NT
1944-05-28 Unit arrives at 44 Wing
1944-06-08 Radar set up for testing
1944-06-18 Tests completed
1944-06-21 Unit embarks on SS John Owen
1944-06-23 Unit arrives at Anjo WA(2)
1944-06-24 Unloading commences
1944-06-29 Advance party move to site
1944-07-04 Remainder of personnel arrive at site
1944-07-14 Marked out site for 319RS
1944-07-20 Last Jap planes shot down over Australian soil
1944-09-03 Radar jamming tests conducted by Sect 22
1945-02-17 Work started on Operations room
1945-11-01 Unit ceases Ops
1945-12-04 Unit arrives in Darwin NT
1946-04-18 Unit disbanded

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