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Unit Title: Mobile Fighter Sector
Equipment Type: Mobile Fighter Sector
Formation Order: AFCO B110/43

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Significant Events
Significant Events:
1943-01-22 Unit Formed at Perth WA
1943-01-22 Operational at Perth WA
1943-01-31 Moved to 74OBU Yanrey WA
1943-02-07 Unit moves to Jubilee Bore near Giralia Homestead
1943-05-10 Moved to Fremantle WA
1943-06-09 Relocated to Exmouth Gulf WA
1943-10-21 Renamed 111MFS
1943-11-04 Redeployed to Perth WA
1943-11-23 Moved to Melbourne VIC
1943-11-28 Unit arrives in Melbourne VIC
1943-12-11 Unit arrives in Townsville QLD
1944-02-19 Unit arrives in Lae PNG
1944-02-25 Arrived at Nadzab PNG
1944-03-19 Left for Cape Gloucester PNG
1944-05-16 Left for Finschhafen PNG
1944-05-21 Arrived at Tadji PNG
1944-05-22 Set up Ops Room
1944-05-31 Operational at Tadji PNG
1944-11-17 Unit commences packing for move to mainland
1945-01-26 Reformed at Sandgate QLD
1945-05-02 Unit departs Brisbane QLD
1945-05-16 Arrived at Morotai DEI
1945-05-27 Advance party departs for Labuan BOR
1945-06-10 Advance echelon land 6 hrs after initial landing
1945-06-11 Operational at Labuan BOR
1945-06-12 Main body of unit arrive at Labuan BOR
1945-06-21 60 Japanese infiltrate area, 30 Japanese killed
1945-06-22 Successful intercept by Spitfires, Dinah shot down
1945-07-04 CO receives MID
1945-10-03 All radars cease operations
1945-11-23 Unit embarks for Australia
1945-12-03 Arrived in Brisbane QLD
1945-12-05 Moved to Bankstown NSW
1945-12-05 Unit remains in nucleus at ADHQ Bankstown
1946-08-01 Unit reformed as part of BCOF Japan
1946-08-19 Equipment leaves by sea for Japan
1946-09-19 Main party leave for Japan by air
1946-09-22 Personnel arrive in Tokyo JAP
1946-10-02 Unit location at Hiroshima JAP selected
1946-10-04 First equipment arrives
1946-10-21 Operational at Iwakuni JAP
1948-10-22 Unit closed
1949-01-21 Unit Disbanded

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