RAAF and WAAAF personnel who took RDF or Radar training courses at No 1 Radio School during WWII

• Surnames are those used in RAAF or WAAAF at time of training at No 1 Radio School.

• Course codes: O: Officers' courses; M: Mechanics' courses; MW: Mechanics courses, WAAAF; (A: Courses in airborne radar; G: courses in ground-based radar); MO: RAAF Operators' courses; WO: WAAAF Operators' courses. Numbers are Course Numbers.

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Abbott, J.H. MO15
Abbott, R.E. O5A, 3G
Abbott, W.T. MO90
Abbottsmith, F. M38G
Abel, V.S. M70A
Abercrombie, C.J. O2A, 1G
Aboud, J. WO58
Abraham, M. WO52
Ackland, D.W. MO102
Ackland, S.E. M1A
Adams, D.W. MO22
Adams, F.L. MO77
Adams, F.R. M63A
Adams, G.E. M24A
Adams, W.M. MO109
Adamson, D.F. MO99
Adcock, N.A. MO85
Addison, A.K. MO81
Addison-Smith, J.G. MO104
Adkins, W.P. MO87
Admore, F. M44A
Affleck, G.W.I. MO16
Agnew, G.S.G. MO75
Aiken, G.A. MO90
Aikins, J.G. MO70
Ainsley, D. WO56
Ainsworth, P.H. WO55
Aisbett, A. M6A, 5G
Aitken, B.W.L. M6G
Aitken, R.A. MO107
Aitkenhead, F.A. MW61A
Akerman, E.G. M23G
Alder, J.H. O21G
Alderdice, W.H. MO107
Aldous, C.R.R. M21G
Aldrich, V.B. O11G
Algie, A.W. O9A
Allan, A.F. M23G
Allan, A.J. O2G
Allen, A.H. M11G
Allen, F.S. M44G
Allen, H.F. M36A
Allen, L.S. MO68
Allen, M.G. M33G
Allen, R.A. M32A
Allen, W.M. M44G
Allison, R.G. M7A
Alway, J.A. M15G
Ames, R.W. M35G
Amess, J.H.W. MO82
Amos, M.E. WO33
Amundsen, W.N. MO107
Amy, N.F.B. MO24
Anderson, B.F. WO32
Anderson, D. WO46
Anderson, E.C.O. M13A
Anderson, G. MO38
Anderson, J.H. M57A
Anderson, L.V. MO86
Anderson, N.E. WO32
Anderson, R.D. M6A, 5G
Andersson, A. M70A
Andrewartha, J. M48G
Andrews, A.V. WO42
Andrews, E.L. M5A
Andrews, F.G. MO86
Andrews, J.J. M52A
Andrews, J.T. M50G
Andrews, K.J. WO32
Andrews, R.B. M11G
Andrews, W.R. MO109
Angas, N. WO32
Angel, F.S. MO82
Angus, J.F. M25G
Anscombe, E.R. M12G
Anstee, N.P.A. M18A
Anthony, M.E. WO17
Antill, F.J. M20G
Appleby, E.J. M29G
Appleton, E.A. O21G
Archer, L.R. M6A, 5G
Archer, R.A. M10G
Archer, R.D. M55A
Archer, S.C. MO7
Armour, K.N. MO84
Armstrong, J.C.F. MO93
Armstrong, K. WO17
Armstrong, V.L. WO31
Armstrong, W.S. MO24
Arneman, K.R. MO89
Arney, J.W. MO104
Arnold, A.J. MO25
Arnold, G.K. M10G
Arthur, D.E. WO31
Asche, K.J.A. MO103
Ashburn, A.R. MO49
Ashford, D.A. O6A
Ashford, E.G. MO74
Ashton, B.R.E. MO4
Ashton, W.R. M60A
Ashwell, G.S. WO53
Askew, N.F. WO52
Asman, I.B. O7G
Astley, N.S. M54A
Aston, A.H. MO50
Atkins, K.R. MO34
Atkins, W.M. MO22
Atkinson, W.B. MO75
Aubrey, W.L. M69A
Augustesen, G.G. M9A
Aurrousseau, S.A. MO71
Austin, F.C. MO100
Austin, R.B. MO95
Avery, R.W. MO89
Ayers, J.W. MO21
Ayton, R.F. MO25
Bach, M.F. MO76
Bache, W.E. M62A
Backshall, K.H.G. MO7
Bacon, J.F. M14A
Bacon, L.P. O4G
Badby, R.E. M63A
Badcock, L.V. MO35
Baggs, R.C. MO49
Bagley, A.S. M4A, 2G
Bagust, W.B. MO50
Bailey, H.G. M32A
Bailey, J.P. MO38
Bailey, L.M. WO11
Bain, K.J. M27G
Baines, J.K. MO69
Baird, J.W. MO34
Baird, T.O. MO64
Baird, W.B. MO89
Baker, B.P. M22G
Baker, E.F. MO85
Baker, H.L. M20G
Baker, J.R. WO59
Baker, N.E. M30G
Baker, R.J. M30G
Baker, R.L. M13G
Baldock, A.J. MO57
Bale, E.J. WO53
Bale, G.A. WO54
Bale, M. WO53
Balfe, J.D. O16G
Balfour, R.W. MO73
Ball, L.D. M40G
Ballantyne, J. WO36
Balmer, R.J. MO2
Banks, A.D. O39G
Banks, F.G. M57A
Barberis, M. MO69
Barger, A.C. M14A
Baring, J.G. M43A
Barkell, N.C. M27A
Barker, A.J. M43A
Barker, D.H. M25G
Barker, G.V. MO91
Barker, I.M. WO41
Barker, J.H. MO100
Barling, R.C. MO12
Barlow, A.J. MO94
Barnes, A.B. M6A, 6G
Barnett, L.P. WO39
Barns, J. WO27
Barr, K.J.S. M28G
Barrett, P.V. M70A
Barrett, R.V. M59A
Barrett, W.S. MO50
Barriskill, J.K. MO79
Barry, K.J. M35A
Barry, T.P. MO89
Bartlett, R.L. MO69
Bartley, J.H. M40G
Barton, A.J. MO106
Baskett, A.R. M50G
Basquil, J.E. WO11
Bass, E.J. O10G
Bassett, H.W. MO75
Bate, G.R. WO39
Bateman, V.D. MO65
Bates, O. MO70
Batey, S.R. MO67
Bath, L.H. MO2
Bathgate, I.S. MO102
Bathgate, W.A.D. M60A
Batten, L.H. MO21
Batterson, J.H. M30G
Battye, L.R. M30G
Bauer, A.T. O16G
Bauer, D.J. WO58
Bawden, M.O.H. M28G
Baxter, T. M43A
Baynes, M. WO18
Beadel, D.H.D. M15G
Beal, L.G. MO72
Beard, B.D. MO79
Beard, D.H. MO87
Beare, H.K. MO26
Beasley, J. M11G
Beater, P.J. M45A
Beatson, R.J. O15G
Beavis, G.J.C. M27G
Beckingham, O.M. WO36
Beckley, T.J. MO85
Beddie, J.N. MO95
Bedford, H.M. WO46
Bee, W.M. MO29
Beecher, E.G. M31A
Beed, W.B. MO83
Beetles, E.L. WO13
Begg, K.W. M44G
Begley, C.D. M25A
Behan, E.D. M40G
Beitz, M.H. MO73
Belfrage, E.P. MO48
Bell, A.J. MO66
Bell, C.H. MO94
Bell, D.K. MO23
Bell, D.S. M12A
Bell, F.S. MO60
Bell, H.N. M24A
Bell, L.W.G. M3A, 1G
Bell, S.M.G.S. MO113
Bell, W.R. MO65
Belling, I.L. WO37
Bemrose, J. O9G
Bendall, D.S. M8A
Benham, R.M. O14G
Bennell, B.G.L. M29A
Bennett, A.G. MO76
Bennett, B.A. M37G
Bennett, E. O5A, 3G
Bennett, J.F. MO79
Bennett, John M. O11G
Bennett, John Mayhall M32G
Bennett, L. M21A
Bennett, N.R. O39G
Bennett, P.H. M39G
Bennett, R.F. M27A
Bennett, W.T. MO74
Bennie, J.C. MO57
Bennie, P.K. M34A
Benson, A.R. M11G
Benson, D.H. WO31
Bentley, C.F. M12G
Bentley, H.W. MO75
Bentley, K.E. MO23
Bentley, M.W. MO90
Benyon, E.G. MO9
Beresford, F.D. M58A
Bermingham, R.F. MO95
Berndt, H.A.W. MO72
Berrett, R.V. M2A
Berry, A.W. M2A
Berry, J.J. WO41
Berryman, L. M41G
Berways, G.K. M53A
Best, G.S. WO54
Betty, B.G. MO94
Beutel, R.K. MO90
Bevan, P.S. MO71
Beverley, K.R. MO93
Bibske, C.P. MO78
Biebrick, B.G. M36G
Biehl, A.W. M19A
Bieske, G.C. MO21
Bignell, H.J. MO23
Bignell, J.M. WO18
Bignell, R.M. WO13
Billing, A.B. M13A
Billington, A.J. MO109
Binns, E.S. M1A
Birch, G.A.E. M11A
Birch, L.L. O20G
Bird, A.N. M41A
Bird, K.G. M29G
Bird, L.R. MO81
Bird, R. M41A
Bird, Y.S. WO36
Birks, N.J. MO99
Birnie, D.H. MO89
Birt, S.O. MO34
Birtles, N.G. WO31
Bishop, F.J. MO12
Bishop, J.H. M11G
Bissett, J. M13A
Bitmead, J. M42G
Black, D.K. MO85
Black, P. WO32
Blackall, W.S. WO56
Blackburn, H.D. M45A
Blackmore, N.R.L. MO109
Blackwell, D.L. WO32
Blackwell, R.A. M21A
Bladin, E.D. M9A
Blair, K.A.W. M4A, 2G
Blake, R.M. M53A
Blanch, E.L. WO55
Blanchard, J.C. M54A
Blanche, P.D. MO88
Bland, J.R. MO67
Blanton, F.W. MO2
Bleazard, W.J. MO15
Blight, E.H. WO55
Blok, D. M36G
Blomfield, R. MO5
Blow, J.S. MO95
Blumenthal, C.B.D. O5G
Blundell, K.W. M14G
Blunt, E.A.R. MO8
Blunt-Barnes, R.A. M29G
Blyth, L.E. M20G
Blythe, H.F. MO81
Boag, D.A. MO91
Boddington, E.E.M. WO17
Bode, A.J. MO74
Boden, A.J. M43G
Boden, L.G.B. M10A
Boge, D.A. M21A
Bolingbroke, E.E.P. WO27
Bolingbroke, P.V. WO27
Bolitho, J.A.K. M25G
Bollerd, B.J. MO99
Bond, A.W. MO106
Bond, E.L. M71A
Bond, H.F.C. M41A
Bond, W.S. MO5
Bone, B.H. WO41
Bone, J.Q. MO35
Bone, N.J. M41G
Bones, A.G. M14A
Bonsor, J.L. M66A
Boorman, F.H. M3A, 1G
Booth, N.E. WO28
Bootle, E.C. WO17
Bopf, R.F. M43G
Borger, P.C. M8A
Boughton, P.F. WO28
Bound, F.E. M2A, 7G
Bourke, H.C. M9G
Bourke, L.V. M71A
Bourke, T.K. O21G
Bourne, A.E. MO85
Bowden, C.J. WO46
Bowden, M.J. WO58
Bowden, R.W. MO98
Bowditch, J.E.W. MO91
Bowe, D.H. MO26
Bower, A.W.T M14A
Bower, R. M30G
Bowern, C.W. MO89
Bowes, C.L. MO85
Bowles, R.T. M35G
Bowman, R.E. MO80
Bowra, R.L. MO82
Bowsing, H.G. M35G
Box, F.G. MO65
Boyer, R. MO7
Boyland, O.A. MO14
Boyle, G. WO47
Bradbury, B.P. M12A
Braddock, F.E. WO31
Braddy, R.E. MO38
Bradford, K.E.A. MO96
Bradley, C.M. WO31
Bradley, P.T. M22A
Bradshaw, E.L. M44A
Bradshaw, R.P. MO31
Brady, J.A. MO84
Brady, P. O6A
Bragg, J. MO60
Braidle, W.A. M40G
Brailey, R.T. M28A
Bramleigh, R.C. MO10
Branigan, A.P. M35A
Brann, R.H. M44G
Brasch, H.L. M35G
Brassil, H.T. M49A
Brattie, E.F. WO40
Brayne, A.C. M20G
Brazil, N.J. MO44
Breadon, J.H. MO34
Breillat, L.E. M1A
Brell, K.M. MO82
Bremmer, T. M11G
Brennan, E.A. M18G
Brennan, M.G. WO58
Bresley, D.McK. MO24
Bretz, A.E. MO21
Brewer, M. WO40
Brewer, M.S.R. M69A
Brewer, N. MO38
Brewer, R. O14G
Brewster, A.W. MO50
Brice, W.H. M40G
Bricknell, N.L. M38A
Brideson, J. MO4
Bridge, C.D. M23A
Bridgeland, A.D. MO73
Bridges, C.T. M23A
Brier, J.F. O6G
Brierley, F.C. MO77
Briese, R. MO102
Brigden, H.G. M29A
Brigg, V.R. MO64
Briggs, A.G. M26G
Briggs, T.J. M40G
Brighton, L.W. M44G
Brimson, N. O17A
Brines, L.J. M1A
Brisbane, H.C. WO20
Brisco, R.W. M30G
Briscoe-Hough, F.R. MO22
Brissett, P.D. WO40
Britnell, P. M3A, 1G
Britton, G.J. MO69
Britts, N.M. M23G
Brodbeck, M.E. WO56
Broderick, C.A. M11G
Broderick, W.F. M41G
Bromely, J.E. MO91
Brook, W.N. M55A
Brooke, W.C. M36A
Brookes, D.A. M18G
Brooks, D.C. M18G
Brooks, H.G. O16G
Brothers, G.D. MO29
Brough, L.P. MO64
Brown, A.C. WO27
Brown, A.M. MO7
Brown, A.T. M7A
Brown, Albert R. M46A
Brown, Aubrey R. MO49
Brown, B.I. WO55
Brown, B.M. WO17
Brown, D.H. MO97
Brown, F.H. MO91
Brown, F.L. MO111
Brown, J. MO68
Brown, J.C. MO66
Brown, J.L. M14G
Brown, J.W.A. MO45
Brown, K.R. MO68
Brown, K.T. MO3
Brown, M.A. Instructor I/C
Brown, M.B. WO17
Brown, M.F. MO96
Brown, N.V. MO107
Brown, R.A. M32A
Brown, R.D. MO70
Brown, R.J. M17G
Brown, R.W. M15A
Brown, W. M49A
Brown, W.H. M57A
Brown, W.K. M13A
Brown, W.R. MO31
Browne, J.B. MO71
Browne, S.C. MO94
Brownscombe, H.H. M20G
Bruce, C.A. M41A
Bruderlin, D. WO58
Bryan, J.R. MO29
Bryor, C.B. M11G
Buch, V.L. M28G
Buchanan, D.C. WO51
Buchanan, D.E.D. WO31
Buchhorn, M.H. M1G
Buck, A.H. M12G
Buckhorn, M.H. M3A
Buckingham, J.M. MO7
Buckland, J.L. MO25
Buckland, T.J. M19G
Buettel, R.D. M34G
Bulgin, R. MO45
Bull, R.J. M28G
Bull, W.M. WO52
Bullen, J.P. O4G
Bulman, R.V. M28G
Bungay, P. WO17
Bunker, M.W. M8G
Bunton, S.V. M24G
Burchester, W.L. M56A
Burder, L.J. O21G
Burge, S. MO97
Burgemeister, E.E. M44A
Burgess, E.A. MO88
Burgess, R.B. M6G
Burgess, W.F. M65A
Burke, A.J. MO86
Burke, D. M29G
Burke, K.G. M20A
Burne, R.R. M15G
Burnell, N.G. MO64
Burnes, J.E. MO84
Burnett, C. MO60
Burnett, J.C.M. M35G
Burnham, M. MO86
Burns, A.M. WO56
Burns, M.A. MO23
Burns, W. M41G
Burrell, W.A. MO87
Burrows, F.J. M19G
Burrows, H.J. M22A
Burton, R.D. MO21
Burton, W.V. M16A
Busby, E.T. MO16
Busch, H. M13G
Bushby, F.G. M10G
Bushby, J.W. MO63
Bushby, W.L. MO82
Bushby, W.R. MO30
Bussanich, M.E. MO85
Butcher, A.L. MO90
Butcher, E.G. WO17
Butler, L.M. M37A
Butler, R.W. MO68
Butler, W.R. M32A
Butt, R.F. MO16
Byrne, D.G. MO95
Byrne, E. MO35
Byrne, J. M35A
Byrnes, F.R. M37A
Byrnes, W.A. MO77
Byrriell, A.L. M13A
Bywater, D.M. WO31
Cadby, C.R. MO78
Caddy, J.G. O7A
Caelli, C.B. WO31
Cahill, D.F. WO27
Cahill, K.T. MO73
Cahill, L.J. M38A
Cahill, L.S. MO9
Cain, K.K. MO76
Caldwell, D.G. O14G
Caldwell, I.H. MO70
Callahan, J.E. MO35
Callander, R.S. MO91
Callender, R. MO62
Callinan, A.P. M38G
Callister, W.H. MO63
Cameron, D.M. WO20
Cameron, P. WO53
Campbell, A.A. O15G
Campbell, A.B. MO73
Campbell, A.J. MO22
Campbell, C.G. M39A
Campbell, G.W. MO31
Campbell, George S. M19G
Campbell, Gordon S. M41G
Campbell, H.M. MO111
Campbell, I.A. M7A
Campbell, J.M. WO47
Campbell, K. M42A
Campbell, N.W. O4G
Campbell, T.J. M30G
Campbell, W.F. M6G
Campbell, W.J. M28A
Campbell, W.M. WO55
Candy, C.R. MO7
Candy, R.C. M32A
Cantor, R.M. MO74
Cantwell, N. WO42
Carden, P.S. MO85
Cardiff, J.C. M46A
Cardiff, R.R. M17A
Carey, F.M. O2G
Cariss, F.C. MO24
Carlos, G.P. MO97
Carlstrom, T.W. MO21
Carmichael, W.H. MO21
Carmody, A.T. O16G
Carmody, K.J. MO82
Carmody, T.J. M27G
Carmody, T.M. M5A, 3G
Carney, K.W. M43A
Caro, D.E. O6A
Carpenter, N.D. O8A
Carr, D. WO46
Carr, H.T. MO72
Carr, J. MO92
Carragher, R.M. M38G
Carroll, B.S. MO102
Carroll, H.N. MO61
Carroll, L.J. MO1
Carroll, N.J. MO48
Carroll, P.S. MO83
Carroll, V.M. WO11
Carroll, W. MO29
Carson, M.E.A. M33A
Carstens, H.F. MO4
Carswell, R. M46A
Carter, J.N. MO14
Carter, J.W. O13G
Carter, John L. M1A
Carter, June L. WO58
Carter, M.V. MO113
Carter, R.P. MO82
Carter, W.E.L. M10G
Case, H.H. M18A
Caskey, A.R. MO14
Cass, V.L. M66A
Cassell, A.J. M13A
Cassidy, R.R. M39G
Castle, C.J. MO45
Castle, G.E. M35G
Castles, R.J.B. O20G
Castrisos, S. MO71
Caswell, A.H. M1A
Caudle, R.J. MO112
Cavanagh, N.A. M19G
Cavanagh, P.W. M26G
Cave, C.F. MO93
Cayzen, N.J. M61A
Chadwick, N. M27A
Chambers, M. WO59
Chanter, L.W. M13A
Chanter, P.W. MO50
Chaplin, A.N. MO86
Chapman, H. WO46
Chapman, L.G. M9A
Chappel, J.S. MO83
Chappell, L.A. O7A
Chapple, A.J.P. M12A
Chapple, K.E. M54A
Charles, T.W. M43G
Cheesman, G.M. M56A
Cheetham, A. WO37
Cheney, H.L. M36G
Chenoweth, A.W. M14A
Cheong, H. M36G
Cheropodzki, J. M17A
Cherry, C.R. MO83
Cherry, T.A.J. M13A
Chewe, L.E. M38G
Chick, A.A. M70A
Chilcott, R.G. MO10
Childs, E. M22G
Chilton, R.R. O2A, 1G
Chin, E. M56A
Chiner, J.E. MO7
Chisholm, A. M50G
Chisholm, L.T. M19G
Chittleborough, K. WO46
Choate, R.S. O2A, 1G
Christmas, E.M. WO20
Christmass, D.C. M12A
Clancy, J.F. M36G
Clancy, J.M. MO84
Clark, A.M. M8G
Clark, D.J. M39A
Clark, H.E. MO61
Clark, H.F.B. M40A
Clark, J.R. MO3
Clark, L.D. M62A
Clark, M.F. M29G
Clark, N.W. MO108
Clark, P.A. M29G
Clark, W.K. O6A
Clarke, G.E. WO36
Clarke, G.S. MO4
Clarke, K. WO18
Clarke, P.R.N. MO80
Clausen, T.R. A. M19G
Clayfield, E.J. M16A
Clayton, G.K. M53A
Cleary, F.C. M70A
Cleland, N.H. M54A
Cleverley, B.F. M40A
Cliff, A.J.B. M26G
Climpson, D.M. WO31
Clinch, I.H. M71A
Clive, E.M. MO10
Cloak, S.R. MO91
Close, J.K. MO101
Clowry, P.J. MO48
Coad, O.E. MO80
Coat, R.H. M36G
Cobb, J.A. WO36
Coburn, L.J. MO76
Cocke, T.V. MO66
Cocks, J.S.V. WO33
Coe, B.P. MO71
Coffey, G.M. WO52
Coggins, R.S. O19G
Coghan, J.R. M36G
Coghlan, F.P. MO5
Coghlan, W.F. M18A
Cohen, S.H. M32G
Colborne, E.A.P. M33G
Colborne-Veel, G.W. MO104
Cole, K. MO90
Cole, T.L. MO12
Coleman, A.R. MO86
Coleman, J.B. M17G
Coleman, R.E. MO75
Coleman, W.K. MO75
Coles, W.C. M33G
Colless, N. WO42
Colley, J.G. O18G
Colley, W.R. MO22
Collier, L.H. MO2
Collingwood, C.B. MO78
Collins, C.R. M60A
Collins, L.A. WO28
Collins, N.A. MO102
Collins, O.R. MO93
Collon, E.H. MO5
Compton, K.C. MO73
Conelly, A.E. M1G
Congdon, R.J. MO57
Connell, C.P. M26G
Connell, J.E. MO49
Connell, R.B. M30A
Connelly, J.K. MO61
Connolly, A.E. M3A
Connolly, D.J. MO93
Conochie, S.R. WO58
Conomy, G. M26G
Considine, L.T. M21A
Conway, J.P. MO3
Conyngham, G.F.B. MO95
Coogan, R.C. MO104
Cook, A.D. MO84
Cook, E.B. O40G
Cook, W. M7A
Cook, W.J. M41A
Cooke, J.T.M. MO84
Cookson, J.C. MO91
Coomer, J.S. M6G
Coon, G.E. M28G
Cooney, M. WO37
Cooney, R.F. M66A
Cooney, W.J. MO84
Cooper, B.L. WO53
Cooper, D.D. WO31
Cooper, E.A. WO51
Cooper, L.J. M34A
Cooper, R.C. M22G
Coote, B. M36A
Coppock, A.A. M17A
Corbett, J.H. M32A
Corbett, J.L. MO60
Corbin, L.R. MO65
Corbould, P.B. M59A
Cork, K.P. MO21
Corless, E.W. M4A
Corless, E.W.S. M2G
Corney, K.B. MO99
Cornford, N.E. M12A
Cornish, W.G. MO73
Coroneos, C. M61A
Corrigan, S.D. WO19
Cosier, M.V. M62A
Costello, W.D. WO59
Costello, W.P. MO2
Cottan, B.F. M15G
Cottier, C.P. M26G
Cotton, K.L. O40G
Cottrell, L.K. M69A
Cottrell, M.J. MO43
Couche, R.A. MO102
Coughlan, H.K. M44G
Coulthard, W.A. M64A
Counihan, M.J. WO54
Counsell, W.M. MO68
Couper, W.F. M4A, 2G
Courtis, N.R. M28G
Cousens, V.M. M37A
Cousins, T.E. MO85, M64A
Coutts, F.B. M41G
Cowan, M.E. WO31
Cowen, J.R. M12A
Cox, A.O. MO3
Cox, B.B. WO52
Cox, L. MO69
Cox, R.B. MO109
Cox, V.J. MO16
Cox, V.W. MO91
Coyne, J.E. M49A
Coyne, P.J. M14G
Cracknell, G. MO69
Crago, E.M. WO58
Craig, A.C. MO21
Craig, K.C. M7A
Craig, P.A.B. WO13
Craik, A.H. M36A
Cranage, G.J. MO70
Cranna, A.D. MO80
Cranwell, J.D. MO90
Crawley, E.B. WO37
Cremer, R.F. M7A
Crennan, E.L. MO74
Cribbin, T.F. M10G
Crichton, L.S. MO97
Crilly, J.L. M30G
Cripps, K.H. MO25
Cripps, S.N. M56A
Crisp, J.E. M50G
Crocker, J. WO53
Croft, E.C. MO71
Crofts, F.C. MO86
Croker, A.M. MO77
Croker, J.G. MO5
Croker, V.A MO70
Cromarty, W.F. M39G
Cronly, T.F. M30A
Crosby, M.E. WO33
Cross, A.H. MO35
Cross, R.J. MO67
Crossing, J. WO56
Crossley, S.A. MO9
Crossley . , R.J MO15
Crouch, S.R. M70A
Crow, E. M58A
Crowe, B.McL. WO31
Crowe, C.A. M42A
Crowe, R.A. M19A
Crowley, E.M. WO37
Crowther, A. M29G
Crowther, E.A. MO24
Crozier, A.E.W. M22A
Crozier, J.R. M60A
Cruickshank, R.D.J. MO26
Cruikshank, G.R. MO38
Cryst, R.N. MO79
Cuddy, W. MO70
Cuffe, L.D. Instructor
Culph, A. M28G
Culvenor, A.G. M39G
Cumes, I.J.C. M43G
Cumming, A.B. MO23
Cumming, I.S. MO80
Cummins, J.T. M51A
Cunneen, N.G. WO17
Cunningham, J.H. MO64
Cunningham, P. MO79
Cunningham, P.L. MO78
Cunningham, R.T. MO108
Curran, K.P. WO11
Curtis, A.P. M31G
Curtis, A.V. M50A
Curtis, P. WO13
Curtis, W.J. M15G
Cusack, L.B. MO62
Cush, A.A. M50A
Cuttriss, D.R. MO49
Dacy, D.J. M10G
Dacy, H. M22A
Dacy, S.W. M32G
Dadds, D.W. M35G
Daff, W.C. MO9
Dakin, R.S. MO107
Dale, B. O7G
Daley, A.C. M40A
Daley, C.J. M41G
Dalling, C.O. M41A
Dalton, J.L. MO65
Daly, B.G. MW61A
Daly, E.M. WO56
Daly, G.G. M23A
Dalzeill, A.T. MO49
Dammerell, K.R. MO94
Dancer, G.H. M36G
Daniel, B. MO103
Daniels, T. MO83
Daniels, V.R. MO15
Danielson, L.J. WO36
Dannis, N.J. WO33
Darcy, J.E. MO60
Darling, J. WO32
Datson, N.A. MO8
Davey, J.B. MO87
Davey, K.C. MO75
Davey, N.C. MO4
Davey, S.J. MO15
Davidson, H.J. M32A
Davidson, J.A. O14G
Davidson, R.G.S. M41G
Davidson, R.W. MO89
Davies, A.L. O4G
Davies, C. M40A
Davies, C.P. M54A
Davies, D.W. MO29
Davies, E.R. M37A
Davies, G.P. MO5
Davies, J.H. O11G
Davies, J.J. M12G
Davies, J.V. MW63A
Davies, M. WO20
Davies, O.P. M12A
Davies, R.E. M34A
Davies, R.S. MO78
Davis, A.C. M44A
Davis, A.J. MO90
Davis, B. M31G
Davis, B.A. MO93
Davis, C. M44G
Davis, D.H. M20G
Davis, G.T. MO92
Davis, N.McK. WO27
Dawbney, K.A. M30A
Dawes, E.N. M12A
Dawes, M.R. MO26
Dawes, S.J. M14A
Dawkins, G. MO5
Dawson, A.C. M17A
Dawson, D.E. M33A
Dawson, E.C. MO61
Dawson, J.E. MO79
Dawson, K. O6A
Dawson, S.T. M8A
Dawson, W.J. MO10
Day, A. M9G
Day, A.J. MO82
Day, E.W.J. M24G
Day, I.W. M19A
De la Lande, R.S. M27G
Deacon, S.A. O7A
Deam, B.E. M24G
Dean, J.J. MO4
Deards, W.J. MO73
Dearricott, H.J. M14G
Decker, H.M. MO38
Deeb, I.J. MO83
Deering, K.A. M49A
Dell, L.E. MO85
Dellit, J.E. M14A
Delphin, N.R. MO67
Delprado, J.E. O4G
Delridge, G.E. WO46
Demak, F. M41G
Dennes, J.M. WO19
Denning, D.C. MO103
Denning, G. MO7
Dennis, F.R. O40G
Dennis, R.V. MO16
Dennison, A.R. M28G
Derrington, B.W. WO17
Derwin, W.K. MO91
DeSaville, Y.M. WO56
Desisle, G. MO12
Deubble, R.J. MO14
Devany, T.G. M5A, 3G
Devine, M.G. MO62
Devlin, A.J. M26G
Dick, W.A. M35A
Dicken, S.B. M34G
Dickeson, J.P. M28G
Dickie, N. M59A
Dickinson, F.E. MO22
Dickinson, F.W. M68A
Dickman, D.A. MO9
Dickson, M.N. WO18
Dickson, R.S. M13A
Digges, M.P. WO19
Digre, S.M. WO59
Dillaway, F.J. MO77
Dillon, J.M. M21G
Dillworth, P.A. WO32
Dimmick, E.G. MO2
Dimsey, D.E. MO92
Ding, G.F. MO82
Dixon, E.R. MO72
Dixon, F.F. M25A
Dixon, H.J.R. M25A
Dixon, R.H. M24G
Dobney, G.B. MO9
Dodd, B.W. M44G
Dodd, J.D. WO42
Dodds, J.W. MO66
Doecke, M.L. M43G
Doetel, G.C. M28G
Dohnt, C.D. MO94
Donaghey, J.L. M41A
Donald, M.A. M32A
Donaldson, J.C. M44G
Donaldson, M.H. WO17
Donohue, P.T. M22A
Doolan, A.D. M37G
Doolan, L.P. MO68
Doran, W.G. M22G
Dore, R.P. M39G
Dorph-Petersen, A.H. MO60
Dorter, P.A. MO71
Douglas, A.G. MO100
Douglas, F.G. M17G
Douglas, R. M51A
Dowdie, J.E.S. MO96
Dowe, D.G. M20G
Dowe, N.M. WO37
Downes, J.R. MO26
Downing, R.G. M14A
Downs, E.A. M16A
Doyle, R.J. MO23
Draffin, W.B. M55A
Drake, J.J. M15A
Draper, I.L. M44A
Draper, J.W. MO29
Drennan, C.J. M23A
Dreschler, M.I. WO17
Drew, C.K. M10A
Drew, J.B. MO94
Drinkwater, F.H. MO112
Driscoll, J.A. MO4
Driscoll, O.D. M12A
Drought, L.F. M18A
Drummond, K.N. O15G
Duckering, W.C. MO85
Duckworth, M. MO3
Dudgeon, D.M. MO88
Dudley, V.L. WO52
Duff, D.L. M17A
Duff, T.S. M12G
Duffin, D.V. WO32
Duffin, F.C. M25G
Duffy, A.C. WO20
Duffy, B.C. MO76
Duffy, M.H. WO41
Dugan, M.K. MO72
Duggan, H.G. M2A, 1G
Duke, E.R. MO106
Duke, J.R. MO44
Duncan, A.T. MO75
Duncan, J. MO87
Duncan, S.J.E. MO24
Dunn, C.J. MO82
Dunn, D.A. M48G
Dunn, D.J. WO42
Dunn, D.W. M50A
Dunn, J.K. MO26
Dunshea, E.R. MO71
Dunshea, J.W. MO109
Dunstan, A.A. M14A
Dunstan, H.W. M16A
Dunstan, W.L. MO4
Dunwoodie, M.C. WO51
Durkin, T. M50G
Durre, A.J. O11G
Duthie, L.G. MO21
Dwyer, D.J. MO22
Dwyer, K.G. M14A
Dwyer, K.J. MO22
Dwyer, L.T. MO74
Dwyer, R.V. MO83
Dwyer, T.E. MO86
Dye, K.R. MO89
Dyer, R.C. MO80
Dyke, C.R. MO43
D?Angri, W.T. MO31
Eacott, W.E. MO57
Eagle, E.G. MO67
eaney, R.H. MO93
East, K.A. M32G
Easton, R.J. MO76
Eaton, G.R. M33G
Eaton, H.S. M40G
Ebeling, W.A. MO25
Eckert, J.P. M60A
Eckley, K.A.J. MO90
Edden, K.R. MO87
Eddy, J.E. WO18
Edge, N.F. M17G
Edgoose, W. MO74
Edis, J.E. WO59
Edsall, G. M43G
Edsall, J.S. M9G
Edser, R.S. MO80
Edwards, A.C. MO84
Edwards, B.A. M53A
Edwards, D.E. MO87
Edwards, E.F. MO45
Edwards, G.F. M44A
Edwards, G.P. MO75
Edwards, M.T. WO36
Edwards, N.C. M15G
Edwards, S. WO40
Edwards, V.D. WO28
Edwards, W.C. M26A
Edye, R.M. M49A
Edyvean, R.W. MO22
Eger, G. MO111
Egerton, G.W.K. M46A
Egge, R.J.F. M17G
Eilbeck, H.P. M27G
Elder, K. M30G
Eldridge, D.B. MO89
Ellacott, R.L. M37G
Elliott, J.P. MO84
Elliott, N.B. WO33
Elliott, N.C. MO38
Ellis, B.V. WO18
Ellis, D.T. MO49
Ellis, G. MO2
Ellis, J.H. MO89
Ellis, R. MO86
Ellis, R.L. M61A
Ellison, Z. WO36
Embling, J.H. MO63
Emmerson, A.G. M3A, 1G
Engel, E. M14A
Engelman, P.N. M21A
English, G. M25A
English, J. MO57
English, J.C. WO56
English, J.R. MO79
English, M.E. M18A
English, R.J. MO14
Eshman, C.R. MO96
Esmore, L.H. M38G
Etheridge, J.C. M39A
Etherton, L.N. M25A
Euhus, B.K. M21A
Eustace, A.W. MO74
Euston, R.C. MO77
Evans, D.E. MO66
Evans, F.J. M21G
Evans, J. M9A
Evans, J.B. M2A
Evans, J.E. M49G
Evans, K.W. MO99
Evans, L.W. M5A, 3G
Evans, M.C. MO45
Evans, O.T. M29A
Evans, P.E. O4A, 3G
Evans, R.L. MO22
Eve, J.R. MO103
Everdell, E.W. M9A
Everett, A.J. M6G
Everett, D.G. MO89
Everitt, C.D. M20G
Every, A.M. M35G
Every, R.J. M43A
Ewers, K.A. M14A
Eyers, W.A.C. M34G
Eyles, K. M60A
Eyre, J.F. M2A
Fahey, F.E. M64A
Fairchild, J.C. O7A
Fairclough, G.H. M67A
Fairhall, C.L. MO15
Fairhurst, F. MO82
Falkner, W.W. MO83
Fall, S.H. M14A
Falvey, F.J. M32G
Fang Yuen, F. M34A
Faraday, M. M34G
Farmer, N. WO46
Farr, A.G. MO82
Farr, D.D. M27A
Farrell, G.D. M37G
Farrow, A.L. MO83
Faulk, A.S. M2A, 1G
Faulkner, I.E.J. WO40
Fauser, A.R. M50A
Featherstone, R.F. MO48
Fedderson, R.K. MO57
Feldman, R. M15G
Fell, A.J. M25G
Fellows, G.N. M12G
Felton, E.J. M32G
Felton, R.G. MO4
Fendler, M.F. MO60
Fenton, M.E. MO102
Fenton , N.R. M47A
Fenton, R.K. MO106
Fenwick, P.G. WO36
Fenwick, R. M10G
Ferguson, A.J. M38G
Ferguson, N.J. M48G
Ferres, E.A. MO108
Ferrie, R.J. O15G
Ferris, R.H. MO80
Fidler, W. MO57
Field, A. M2A, 1G
Field, D.R. M32A
Field, H.E. M26G
Fielding, W.J. M44G
Finch, M.M. MO62
Fincher, R.L. MO70
Findlay, F.J. MO2
Finlay, J.L. WO19
Finn, M.P. M68A
Fischer, H. M38G
Fisher, C.A. M28G
Fisher, E.W. M23G
Fitch, C.H. MO34
Fitch, L.W. M47A
Fitzgerald, D.J. MO73
Fitzgerald, K. M26G
Fitzgerald, L.P. M28G
Fitzgerald, M. MO49
Fitzgerald, M.J. MO16
Fitzpatrick, J.F. MO90
Fitzsimon, R.J. M54A
Flaherty, J.A. MO68
Flanagan, J.G. MO77
Flentje, J.D. MO50
Fletcher, C.R. O6A
Fletcher, R.W. O9G
Flett, J.S. O19G
Flick, B.W. MO94
Flint, P.F. MO93
Flynn, K.E. MO72
Flynn, R.J. MO64
Flynn, W.H. O12G
Foley, D.L. MO63
Foley, J.P. MO92
Forby, J. M2A
Ford, B.H. MO112
Ford, C.K. WO51
Ford, F.E. WO58
Ford, K.F. MO64
Ford, W.R. M19A
Fordham, M.F. M21G
Forman, L.O. MO69
Forrest, G.D. M32A
Forrest, J. M36G
Forrest, P.C. MO103
Forrest, P.M. MO65
Forrester, A.J. MO113
Forster, M. WO11
Foster, A.F. M37A
Foster, E.J. M10G
Foster, L.E. MO70
Foster, W.E.L. O4G
Fourlinnie, J.P. M21A
Fox, A.R. M37G
Fox, D.C. M50A
Fox, E.P. M23G
Fox, G.A. MO22
Fox, I.R. MO50
Fox, R.T. MO84
Fox, S. M30G
Frame, D.S. M61A
Frame, G.R. M65A
Francis, C.H. M20A
Francis, E.G. MO108
Francis, E.K. M12G
Francis, E.N. WO40
Francis, G. MO82
Francis, L.E. M27A
Francis, M.C. M7A
Franklin, D.M. M46A
Franklin, J.R. M31G
Franks, N.J. M17G
Franzi, W.R. M4A
Fraser, A.H. MO35
Fraser, D.R. M12A
Fraser, I.M. MO38
Fraser, J. M2A, 7G
Fraser, J. WO47
Fraser, J.C. M23G
Fraser, K.R. MO49
Fraser, M.N. WO41
Fraser, N.J. WO18
Fraser, R.B. MO29
Fraser, W.A. MO15
Freak, J.R.A. M56A
Freeland, M.E. MO45
Freeman, A.H. O11G
Freeman, J.A. MO25
Freeth, J.C. WO37
French, A.B. MO65
French, L.G. MO66
Frewin, C.F. MO61
Frick, R.R. M49A
Fricker, J.N. WO36
Fricker, K.C. MO57
Friday, A.K. M19G
Frith, B.J. MO25
Frost, G.W. M13A
Frost, M.H. WO33
Frows, J.R. M36G
Fry, A.L. WO41
Fry, B.A. M35G
Fry, F.E.A. M28G
Fry, R.K. M63A
Fryer, E. WO53
Fullager, D.R. MO14
Fuller, D.D. MO43
Fulton, W.A. M4A, 2G
Furlong, G.R. MO82
Furniss, M.S. WO19
Fysh, P. WO51
Gabbertas, J. M3A, 1G
Gadd, M.T. M13G
Gair, D.M. M5G
Gair, D.M. M6A
Gair, J.H. MO23
Gallagher, B.F. O40G
Gallagher, D.Y. M61A
Gallagher, R.E. MO91
Gallagher, T. M41A
Galle, R.V. M33G
Gambling, G.S. M5A, 3G
Gannon, L.F. M22G
Gannon, P.J. MO107
Gant, L.R. MO82
Garbutt, G.H. WO37
Garbutt, J.A. WO33
Gardiner, J.C. MO15
Gardner, P.M. WO19
Garlack, E.N. M39G
Garland, G.T. M55A
Garner, K.E. M11G
Garrett, A.R. MO15
Garrett, R.B. WO46
Garrick, R.M. M34G
Gartside, C. M22A
Garvis, G.G. MO78
Gavey, K.F. MO75
Gavin, G.F. M17G
Gavriloff, A.J. M38G
Gazeley, K. M67A
Gazzard, H.S. M15A
Geddes, A.E.M. O13A
Gelling, B.D. WO58
George, A.E. M68A
George, B.L. WO39
George, K. MO70
Georges, J.A. MO25
Georgeson, G.M. WO32
Geraghty, B.M. MO93
Germain, S.J. MO60
Germaine, G. MO57
Geronimi, F. M52A
Gertzel, V.L. MO7
Gibbings, T.E.L. MO63
Gibbons, J. MO8
Gibbons, R.W. O14G
Gibbs, A.R. MO112
Gibbs, B.I. MO106
Gibson, A.S. M16A
Gibson, B.J. M50A
Gibson, J.F. WO54
Gibson, R.M. WO31
Giddins, E.J. M21G
Gilbert, J. WO56
Gilbert, L.R. MO87
Gilbert, V.J. M16A
Gilbert, W.F. M17G
Gilchrist, J.F. MO57
Giles, J.J. MO14
Giles, P.K. M58A
Gilet, H.G.M. M27G
Gilet, P.A.J. M27G
Gill, A.R. MO84
Gill, D.H. M26A
Gill, L.M. M48G
Gill, N.G. M41G
Gill, R. O13G
Gill, R.W. M52A
Gill, W.F. O15G
Gillard, H. M12A
Gillespie, D.R. M64A
Gillespie, L.L. M35G
Gillies, N.H. MO34
Gilligan, J.F. MO65
Gillis, B.J. WO37
Gillis, F.N. MO64
Gillis, J.F. MO6
Gilmour, A.J. O6A
Gilmour, J.P. WO36
Gilson, B.W. M67A
Ginman, D.C. M20A
Ginnane, A.C. MO106
Gins, C.M. MO14
Ginsburg, R.F. WO59
Giraud, J.H. M14G
Glass, K.M. O14A
Glasson, M.E. WO56
Glassop, B.L. O2A, 1G
Glendenning, W.J. MO87
Glendining, J. WO41
Glew, E.W. M9A
Glover, A.J.G. O13G
Glover, D.T. M13A
Glynn, F.J. MO22
Gobbe, G.S. M22A
Godden, R.V. O6A
Goderham, D.C. M23A
Godley, B.M. WO46
Godson, J.M. WO28
Golden, P.J. M37G
Goldenstedt, B. MO89
Goldfinch, W.J. MO79
Goldsack, M.E. WO52
Goldsmith, F.L. MO89
Goldstiver, M. MO70
Goldsworthy, L.R. M55A
Goldsworthy, R.N. MO85
Good, C.L. M10A
Goode, B. WO18
Goodfellow, H.C. M40G
Goodlet, K.G. M30A
Goodman, A.A. MO22
Goodman, M.P. M44A
Goodman, W.N. MO43
Goodrich, R.K. M6A, 5G
Goodrick, T.M. MO63
Goodson, K.M. MO103
Goodwin, J.L. M3A, 1G
Gordon, C. M20A
Gordon, D. MO22
Gordon, J.E. WO28
Gordon, R.L. M39G
Gordon, S.R. WO36
Gordon, W.A. MO57
Gorton, R.P. MO35
Gosling, G.E. M30G
Gosling, N.J. MW64A
Goss, R.W. M25G
Gotch, G.J. WO40
Gough, A.K. MO72
Gould, J.J. M9A
Gould, P.G. M47G
Goulder, J. M20G
Goulding, M.H. MO100
Gowers, H.F. MO89
Gowers, K.N. MO71
Gowing, J.P. O39G
Gowlland, R.W. MO95
Gracie, H.D. M13A
Grady, J.J. M43A
Graetz, E.R. M11A
Graf, R.G. M28G
Graham, A.D. M14G
Graham, D.A. O9A
Graham, J.A. MO88
Graham, R.D. MO78
Graham, R.H. MO83
Graham, R.L. M44A
Graham, W.J. WO36
Graham-Brown, W.M. WO20
Grant, J.G.C. M59A
Grant, O.M.J. MO34
Grant, R.A. MO65
Grant-Stevenson, J.L. WO17
Gras, E.P. M26G
Gravell, W.J. M19G
Gray, A.H. MO82
Gray, E.A. MO87
Gray, J.A.S. M60A
Gray, R.P. M30G
Gray, S.D. MO74
Gray, S.F. MO109
Grayling, I.H. MO106
Green, A.G. MO73
Green, B.F. MO15
Green, B.W. M20A
Green, G.H. MO80
Green, K.J. M58A
Green, L.A. MO38
Green, M.M. WO31
Green, V.C. M23G
Greenaway, R. M71A
Greenham, D.I. O3A
Greenhill, A.W. M9G
Greenlees, R.G. MO95
Greenless, J.L.L. M52A
Greenspade, F.N. M19A
Gregory, R.S. M20A
Gremevis, A.V. M37A
Gresham, N.J. MO79
Grey, A.E. O2G
Grey, S.G. M49G
Grice, J.S. O9A
Griffen, R.W. M9A
Griffin, M.A. M29G
Griffith, A.A. M25A
Griffiths, C. MO62
Griffiths, G.E.S. M26G
Griffiths, H.S. M39A
Griffiths, O.K. O2G
Grigg, M.J. M31A
Grimes, J.R. M37A
Grimes, W.D. M7A
Grimmett, J.S. MO10
Grissell, R.E. M22A
Grogan, N.W. MO80
Grohan, K.P. M30G
Grounds-Weston, A. WO13
Grout-Smith, C.T. O2G
Grove, N.M. WO46
Grundy, H.M. WO19
Grundy, R.N. MO90
Gudgeon, C. WO56
Guerin, R.S.C. MO110
Guest, J.F. WO42
Gummow, G.J. WO46
Gunn, M.W. O15G
Gunthorpe, G.G. M31G
Gust, R. MO60
Guthberg, I.W. MO79
Gye, J.M. M9A
Gyles, N.G. M53A
Gyton, R.E. MO22
Hackett, T. MO90
Hackshaw, R.M. M11G
Hackworth, J.E. WO11
Haddan, F.E. M43A
Haddern, G.R. M15A
Haddock, L.A. MO16
Hadley, C.A. WO46
Hain, A.C. M39G
Hain, G.M. MO86
Haines, R.R. MO83
Haire, J.G. M38G
Halbin, G.B. MO75
Hale, W.M. M20A
Hales, R.V. MO60
Halford, J.T. M7A
Hall, B.L. WO39
Hall, D.L. M34A
Hall, E.B. M12G
Hall, F.G. MO57
Hall, K.H. MO68
Hall, L.R. MO97
Hall, R.A. M41G
Hall, R.G. M68A
Hall, R.L. MO23
Hall, W.J.K. MO12
Hallamore, R.A. M21G
Halliday, D.N. MO6
Halliday, R.F. M8G
Halliwell, D.G. MO65
Halloran, W. M69A
Halse, P. M21G
Ham, T.E. M20G
Ham, W.P. M36G
Hamblin, C.L. O11A
Hamblin, M.O. WO59
Hamill, K.J. MO111
Hamilton, B.R. MO96
Hamilton, C.M. MO90
Hamilton, E.J. MO87
Hamilton, L.W. MO91
Hamilton, U.M. WO52
Hammer, W.C. O10G
Hammersley, C.G. M54A
Hammond, C.W. MO26
Hancock, C.W. MO34
Hancock, J.G. MO75, M57A
Hands, G.F. MO4
Hanisaker, Z.M. MW61A
Hanley, R. MO9
Hannam, H.W. O2A, 1G
Hannan, J.J. O13A
Hannond, J.R. MO71
Hanns, E.N. WO52
Hannway, R.H. M31G
Hanson, M.A. WO46
Harbison, R.W. M37G
Harburg, C.N. MO29
Hardgine, R.W. MO57
Hardiman, L.P. MO44
Hardisty, S.E. M39A
Hardisty, S.P. M10G
Hards, E.B.L. M12G
Hardy, B.M. M61A
Hardy, K.F. M57A
Hardy-Barker, E.E. MO44
Hare, B.J. WO18
Hare, G.R. MO38
Hargraves, J.M. WO39
Harling, C. WO13
Harms, N.H. MO72
Harnath, R.W. M4A, 2G
Harney, F.L. M25G
Harper, J.A. MO57
Harper, L.C. WO32
Harral, G.H. MO57
Harrington, A. M30A
Harrington, J.D. M23G
Harrington, J.R. MO78
Harrington, K.J. MO106
Harris, A. M6G
Harris, E.M. WO19
Harris, F.M. MO44
Harris, J. WO36
Harris, J.L. M36G
Harris, J.W. O21G
Harris, L.B. WO53
Harris, M. WO33
Harris, N.B. MO74
Harris, N.P. MO84
Harris, R.W. M22A
Harris, V.H. M5A
Harris, W.H. M36G
Harrison, G.R. M25A
Harrison, Hilda C. WO18
Harrison, Hubert C. O14G
Harrison, J.E. MO98
Harrison, L.J. MO89
Harrison, M.G. M56A
Harrison, R.H. M6A, 5G
Harrison, R.L. O4G
Harrison, W.W. MO16
Harrold, M.J. MO84
Harry, R.A. MO70
Hart, W.J. O10G
Harter, D. WO56
Hartigen, M.R. M19A
Harvey, A. WO52
Harvey, F.H. M48G
Harvey, G.A. M14A
Harvey, T.R. MO23
Hastie, J.B. M28G
Hatfield, G.L. MO6
Hatherley, H.K. WO52
Hatty, J. O19G
Haupt, V.F. MO21
Hawkins, D.N. M40A
Hawkins, K.W. MO87
Hawkins, M.E. MO14
Hawkins, R.S. M27G
Hayes, J.V. MW61A
Haynes, B.A. M6A, 5G
Hays, J.M. WO56
Hazell, B.J. WO19
Hazelman, E.N. M27G
Hazzard, G. MO99
Head, P.D. WO31
Healy, E.P. M34A
Healy, J.F. M15A
Heath, S.G. M36A
Hebden, K.N. MO88
Heinrich, C.W. MO57
Heitmann, F.C. WO28
Hele, R.J. MO83
Hellier, B.T. M11A
Hemeth, L.M. M37G
Hemus, S.G. M40G
Henbrough, R.M. M12A
Henderson, A.J. MO63
Henderson, C.M. MO4
Henderson, H.J. M22A
Henderson, I.D. MO24
Henderson, J.F. M9A
Henderson, W.B. M29A
Henderson-Wilson, K. Instructor
Henley, G.A. MO26
Henley, T.F. M9A
Hennessey, D.R. WO27
Hennessy, R.A. MO7
Henry, A.L. MO7
Henry, E.H. M30A
Henry, S.L. M49A
Henty, E.B. M4A, 2G
Herden, J.B. M54A
Heritage, F.J. MO82
Heseltine, H. M27G
Hess, A. WO54
Hess, M.M. WO54
Hession, R. MO96
Hethercote, J.W. M63A
Hewish, M.A. M17A
Hewitt, D.M. M37G
Hewitt, I.G. WO40
Hewson, N.J. MO35
Hibbins, D.H. O14G
Hick, A.D.J. MO111
Hick, R.J. MO2
Hickey, F.J. MO69
Hickey, W.L. MO29
Hickling, L.T. MO25
Hickman, D.M. MO66
Hickman, P.L. O21G
Hicks, E.P. MO15
Hicks, J.M. MO84
Hicks, R.A. MO82
Hicks, W.W. M20G
Hickson, G.B. MO64
Higgins, K.J. M46A
Higgins, O.I. MO7
Higgs, W.E. M26G
Higham, I.M. WO20
Hildyard, A.D. M24G
Hill, B.E. MO74
Hill, D.J. MO76
Hill, F.G. O12A
Hill, H. MO84
Hill, J.C. M22G
Hill, J.McM. MO94
Hill, M.S. M19G
Hill, R.D. M12G
Hill, R.E.J. M28G
Hill, T.E. M16A
Hill, Y. WO19
Hillier, J.W. M13G
Hillman, J.M. M20G
Hills, J. M14A
Hilton, B.C. WO33
Hinchcliffe, K. MO8
Hinchy, P.J. M13A
Hindson, F.K. WO11
Hine, H.G. M3A, 1G
Hines, F.R. MO60
Hingston, V.P. MO43
Hinton, A.G. MO24
Hinton, J. WO17
Hipwell, J.B. O19G
Hislop, J.A. MO94
Hoare, C.E. WO19
Hobba, J.A. M58A
Hobba, W.L. M34G
Hobson, A.L. MO14
Hobson, H.K. M20G
Hobson, J.H. WO59
Hobson, J.W. MO104
Hockey, H.S. MO7
Hodda, V.E. MO106
Hodge, R.J. MO76
Hodgson, G.E. MO87
Hoe, E.R. MO86
Hoffman, K.I. MO104
Hoffman, L.P. M45A
Hogg, J. MO77
Hokin, A.W. M35G
Holdaway, H.W. O3A
Holden, C.J. MO12
Holden, D.M. MO34
Holder, K.B. MO24
Holdway, R.D. MO85
Holey, T.G. M35G
Holland, K. M31G
Holland, L. M28G
Holland, W.E. M66A
Holloway, O.S. WO46
Holman, C.W.R. M16A
Holman, W.D. M38A
Holmes, B.S. M10G
Holmes, C.N. MO108
Holmes, G.C. M38G
Holmes, J.L. MO73
Holmes, J.L.G. M4G
Holmes, R.V. M42G
Holt, J. M25G
Holzneiner, H.W. M24G
Hook, J.L. MO7
Hooker, J.C. M38A
Hooper, S.D. M50G
Hopper, K.L. M45A
Horademe, R.R. M30G
Horan, R.S. MO80
Horne, G.R. M26G
Horne, R.J. MO76
Horne, R.W. MO80
Horner, G.N. MO84
Horner, W.A. M66A
Hornsby, T.H. M27G
Horton, A.W. M22G
Horwitz, S.D. O4G
Hosking, T.D. M27A
Houghton, J.H. M66A
Hoult, F.B. WO19
Hoult, Y.R. WO28
Houper, M.M. WO33
House, A.G. M11G
Houstein, H.G. M7A
Howard, B.P. M27G
Howard, I.E.M. WO19
Howard, R.G. M28A
Howard, R.H. MO63
Howard, W.G. M25G
Howarth, E.W. M23G
Howe, C.H. O4A
Howe, E.H. MO35
Howe, H.C. M71A
Howe, R.R. Instructor
Howell, P.F. M68A
Howell, V.J. MO63
Howells, R.C. M37G
Howes, E.J. WO27
Howes, J.W. M3A, 1G
Hoy, J.S. M45A
Hoyle, V.F. MO76
Hubbard, E.J. MO103
Hubbard, J.R. O5G
Hubbard, N.L. M69A
Hubbard, P.M. WO18
Huckfeldt, J.M. M16A
Hudson, F.F. MO35
Hudson, W.K. M66A
Hudspeth, F.N. WO36
Huggins, N.E. WO59
Hughes, J.B. O12G
Hughes, J.S. MO57
Hughes, P.W. MO109
Hughes, W.N. M49G
Hughes, W.W. M25G
Hugo, A.W. WO58
Hull, F.A. O2G
Humble, S. M47A
Hume, F.W. M51A
Humphrey, J.G. M65A
Humphreys, J.C. M63A
Humphreys, R.N. MO45
Humphreys, W.T. M4G
Hungerford, H.E. M39G
Hunt, C.M. WO39
Hunt, E.J. MO110
Hunt, J.H. MO109
Hunt, M.N. WO32
Hunt, O.T. M26A
Hunt, W.J. MO71
Hunter, F.W. M15A
Hunter, G.A. MO76
Hunter, M.J. MO79
Hunter, R.W. WO11
Hunting, T.N. M7A
Huon, H.F. O8A
Hurley, B.D. M25G
Hurley, D.G. O11A
Hurrey, A.W. M13G
Hurst, C.A. O11G
Hutchence, K.F. MO29
Hutchens, A.T. M54A
Hutchinson, G.C. M37G
Hutchinson, H.R. M14G
Hutchinson, J.M. MO3
Hutton, B.A. M41A
Hutton, D.R. M29G
Hutton, N.H. MO81
Hyde, P.J. MO78
Hyne, J.V. MO5
Hynes, B.G. MO12
Hynes, S.T. MO95
Ibels, G.N. MO73
Illingworth, F.A. M64A
Illman, J.L. MO57
Ingall, A.E. M24G
Ingham, H.J. M44G
Ingham, J.C. M68A
Inglis, P.M. WO36
Inglis, R.E. MW63A
Ipkendanz, J. WO40
Ireland, D. WO32
Ireland, W.H. MO22
Irvine, A.E. M32G
Irwin, D.H. MO108
Irwin, J.T. MO76
Irwin, R.J. M59A
Isenberg, M. MO108
Israel, F.B. O1A
Iverach, S.J. WO19
Ivey, W.A. MO70
Jack, R.C. MO71
Jackson, D.C. WO47
Jackson, G. M2A
Jackson, G.N. WO40
Jackson, G.W. M35A
Jackson, J. WO52
Jackson, L.W. MO29
Jackson, M.W.E. M33G
Jackson, P.R. MO90
Jackson, W.A. MO84
Jacobs, A.C. MO24
Jacobs, D.A. WO41
James, A.D. M25A
James, A.K. M6G
James, D.B. MO82
James, D.C. MO71
James, D.W. MO24
James, F.P. MO45
James, G.P. MO73
James, J.C. MO5
James, K.M. MO109
James, N.J.R. MO94
Jameson, W.G. M44A
Jamieson, C.J. M70A
Jardine, M.H.L. MO91
Jarvis, C.S. MO49
Jarvis, J.R. MO84
Jasper, H.T. O4G
Jeffers, F.O. MO6
Jefferson, M.G. MO80
Jeffrey, P.G. M3A, 1G
Jeffrey, P.M. O14G
Jeffrey, W.A. M15G
Jeffreys, R.S. M24G
Jeffries, E.G. M49G
Jeffries, J.O. MO90
Jeffries, L. WO13
Jeffries, R.J. MO5
Jenkin, O.F. WO37
Jenkin, T.M. WO36
Jenkins, J.H. M42G
Jenkins, J.M. M67A
Jenkins, P.G. WO40
Jenkins, R.G. M28A
Jenkinson, T.F. M18G
Jennings, J.L. WO58
Jennison, L.D. WO17
Jenour, D.A. WO20
Jenour, J.A. WO20
Jerram, J.J. M21A
Jiear , J.R. MO94
John, N.G. M22A
Johnson, D.M. WO41
Johnson, J.H. M70A
Johnson, K.J. M9G
Johnson, R.A. MO95
Johnson, R.C. M10A
Johnson, T.P. MO102
Johnson, V.J. M44A
Johnston, A.A. MO44
Johnston, A.J. MO5
Johnston, C.F. MO21
Johnston, C.L. MO90
Johnston, C.S. M31G
Johnston, F.L. WO47
Johnston, F.N. M12G
Johnston, F.W. M13A
Johnston, H.M. WO19
Johnston, L.A. M70A
Johnston, R.M. M33A
Johnston, W.A. MO70
Johnstone, D.R. M24G
Jolliff, T.E. M37A
Jolly, G.F. M36G
Jolly, T.N. MO57
Jolly, W.E. M19A
Jones, A.R. M29A
Jones, E.G. M68A
Jones, H.G. M49G
Jones, I.E. M24A
Jones, J.B. MO24
Jones, J.E. M15G
Jones, J.W. M11G
Jones, L.L. M70A
Jones, M.H.W. MO5
Jones, M.S. M4A, 3G
Jones, N. WO40
Jones, N.P. M36G
Jones, O.H. MO22
Jones, O.S. MO64
Jones, R.T. M36G
Jones, R.W. MO8
Jones, T.A. MO71
Jones, T.G. MO8
Jones, T.O. MO14
Jonkergouw, R.J. M6G
Jordan, J. O8G
Joscelyne, J. MO23
Joseph, K.E. MO89
Jue-Sue, W.L. M21A
Juleff, B. WO28
Just, D.M. MO45
Just, G. MO79
Kaddick, J.C. M17A
Kaesehagen, H.F. MO86
Kain, L.N. WO52
Karpinen, K.H. M11G
Katz, B. O5G
Kau, C.J. WO56
Kavanaugh, H. MO15
Kay, K. M68A
Kaye, L.P. MO7
Kaye, W.D. O12A
Keally, F.S. M39G
Kean, T.J. MO66
Keane, S.G. WO39
Keast, M.D. WO13
Keating, J.C. M53A
Keats, R.T. MO1
Keavney, W.A. M48G
Keefe, A.C. M45A
Keegan, H.R. M14G
Kehoe, D.J. M43G
Keighley, S.A. O11G
Keily, J.R. M22G
Keirnan, L.J. M50A
Kellett, C.W. M61A
Kelly, D.M. WO41
Kelly, D.T. MO87
Kelly, E.R. M13G
Kelly, F.D. M6G
Kelly, G.B. M11A
Kelly, H.M. M41G
Kelly, J.A. MO108
Kelly, J.F. MO76
Kelly, M.C. WO13
Kelly, N.J. O4A
Kelly, P.D. MO43
Kelly, R.L. MO25
Kelly, T. MO9
Kelly, T.P. M15A
Kelly, W.E. MO21
Kelly, W.F. MO76
Kelly, W.M. MO80
Kelsey, O.M. O3A
Kelso, G.H. M49G
Kelton, R.L. WO53
Kemp, A.M. MO90
Kemp, J.B. M4A
Kemp, M.H. WO18
Kendall, B.F. MO84
Kenley, W.J. MO44
Kennedy, A.F. O9A
Kennedy, D.D. O2G
Kennedy, D.E. WO52
Kennedy, E.D. MO24
Kennedy, E.P. MO79
Kennedy, E.V. MO71
Kennedy, J.L. MO85
Kennedy, J.W. M9G
Kennedy, R.J. MO76
Kennedy, W.J. MO73
Kennedy, W.P. M66A
Kennewell, E.M. M44G
Kenny, J.R. M21G
Kent, L.A. MO83
Kent, L.F. M49G
Kent, M.G. WO11
Keohane , K.F. MO98
Kerley, C. M67A
Kermode, H.G. MO101
Kernan, P. M19A
Kerr, K.J. MO74
Kerr-Grant, C. O1A
Kerslake, R.H.D. M26G
Keyte, W.J. MO80
Kibby, R. MO64
Kidd, R.A. MO104
Kidgley, E.H.C. M15A
Kiek, L.E. M12A
Kift, G.R. MO99
Kightly, J.S. MO65
Killorn, R.J. MO102
Kilvington, G. WO32
Kimber, R.E. M28A
Kime, H.G. M71A
Kinch, F.M. MO68
King, B. M9G
King, M.B. MO69
King, R.G. MO7
King-Gerakiteys, P. MO94
Kingston, L.M. M38A
Kington, A.H. MO64
Kingwell, F. M62A
Kinnear, A.N. M22G
Kinross, L.T. M19G
Kinvig, W.L. MO29
Kirby, D.S. M14G
Kirkham, J.D. M16A
Kirsch, I.I. M47A
Kirwan, M.L. M40A
Kitchener, R.F. MO35
Kite, L.E. MO99
Kitson, B. WO54
Kleinschmidt, H. MO86
Kloeden, L.A. O19G
Kloedon, P.H. MO23
Kluver, H.H. M44G
Knight, C.F. M4G
Knight, L.G. M45A
Knight, L.K.W. M20G
Kniveton, G.F. M10G
Knott, G.J. M35G
Knowles, A.F. M3A, 1G
Knowles, W.W. MO73
Knox, A.G. MO86
Knox, B.A. M23A
Koch, S.R. M19A
Koenig, H.R. MO88
Kohler, B.J. M43G
Kohlman, L.F. M30G
Konoff, N. M24G
Koochew, F.W. M29G
Kramer, G.D. M37A
Kretcher, R.G. M23G
Kurrle, O.M. WO11
Kyle, E.M. WO39
La Gruta, L.E. MO82
Lacey, B.J. M37G
Lack, R.E. WO51
Laidlaw, A. M43G
Lainson, H.A. M43G
Lamb, I.N. MO91
Lambert, D.J. WO56
Lambert, J.C. WO31
Lambert, O.C. M44G
Lambert, W.K. M63A
Lamborne, M.A. M33G
Lamond, A.S. MO45
Lanagan, G. MO50
Lane, B. WO42
Lane, M.C. WO47
Lane, N.F. M11A
Lane, R.C. M47A
Lang, F.J. M35G
Lang, M.C. WO32
Langcake, W.C. MO23
Langford, H.W. MO103
Langley, E.F. MO80
Langworthy, G.N. MO38
Lansell, L.V. O11A
Latham, T.R. MO35
Latimer, I.G. MO29
Lauder, V.C. WO56
Laughton, R.A. M42A
Launder, P.H. M29G
Laurence, L.M. M43A
Laurendet, E.G. MO91
Laurenson, N.J. M12A
Laurie, F.J. M43G
Laurie, G. M12A
Laverty, J.F. M12A
Lawlor, J.M. MO83
Lawn, E.A. MO80
Lawrence, J. M48G
Lawrence, L.V. MO112
Lawrence, P. WO55
Lawson, B.K. MO74
Lawson, B.W. MO12
Lawson, I. M25G
Lawson, L.A. WO39
Lawson, R.O. M17G
Lawton, G.J. M14G
Lay, G.I. M6A, 5G
Lazarus, J. M9G
Le Plastrier, G.C. MO102
Leach, H. M38G
Leadbeater, C.W. MO91
Leavey, C.G. MO14
LeBas, P.M. M48A
Leckie, L.V. MO92
LeCornu, M.P. MO62
Ledger, S.N. MO106
Lee, E.M. MO57
Lee, F.A.C. M12A
Lee, G.K. M21G
Lee, J.D.B. O16G
Lee, K.J. MO95
Lee, L.M. WO19
Lee, R.A. M51A
Leech, D.A. MO22
Leeman, J. MO80
Leeper, H.V. MO82
Lees, C.M. MO26
Lehmann, J.M. WO17
Leith, I.R. M27G
Leivesley, P.G. MO44
Leng, H. M31G
Lennox, D.G. MO102
Lennox, M.J. WO36
Lenther, K.M. M29G
Leslie, A.W. WO31
Leslie, R.A. O9A
Lester, K.M. MO64
Levey, R.W. M22G
Levick, R. M31G
Lewis, A.C. O1A
Lewis, B.N. WO37
Lewis, E. WO52
Lewis, E.M. M15G
Lewis, F.W. MO83
Lewis, G.E. M47A
Lewis, G.M. WO53
Lewis, H.H. Instructor
Lewis, J.A. MO15
Lewis, J.W. M62A
Lewis, R.P. WO28
Light, A. MO29
Lightfoot, M.E. MO74
Lightfoot, T.G. M9A
Lilyman, J.W. MO69
Limon, J.M. WO32
Lindner, L.C. MO103
Lines, J. MO16
Ling, T.J. O20G
Litchfield, G.N. M71A
Little, F.G. MO2
Littlefair, M.J. WO56
Llewellyn, A. Instructor
Lloyd, F. MO76
Lloyd, K.G. MO90
Lloyd, K.J. M52A
Lloyd, L.N. MO24
Loaney, J.E. WO41
Lock, A.F. M10A
Lockyer, I.W. M9A
Loder, E.M. MO62
Logue, W.P. MO99
Loh, R.P. O19G
Loneragan, J.F. MO110
Lonergan, J.P. M29G
Long, K.G. M17G
Long, R. O19G
Longden, M.C. M19A
Longmire, F.A. M10G
Lonsdale, D.C. MO38
Loomes, A.H. MO80
Lord, G.J. M4G
Loutit, D.I. WO51
Love, J.R. MO113
Loveday, R.F. M22G
Loveland, W.E. M40G
Lovelock, K.L. MO44
Low, G.A. MO101
Loxley, R.W. M60A
Lucas, K. MO9
Lucas, R.W. MO94
Lucas, W.T. M67A
Luck, K.M. M35G
Luck, M.H. M36A
Lucraft, A.N. MO16
Ludlow, B.E. MO3
Luker, R.J. M23A
Lum, A.D. O17G
Lumley, C.J. MO26
Lunney, J.C. M6G
Lupson, W.F. MO6
Luscombe, M. WO32
Luscombe, T.R. M29G
Lusty, L.W. MO88
Lynam, J.E. M14G
Lynam, N.J. MO21
Lynch, B.M. MO50
Lynch, K.J. MO106
Lynch, M.M. WO32
Lynch, S.S. MO7
Lynch, T.J. M49A
Lyon, A.H. M60A
Lyon, G.R. M67A
Lyon, W.F. MO75
Lyons, D.J. MO76
Lyons, G.M. WO19
Lyons, K.P. WO36
Lyons, L.B. O39G
MacArthur, P.C. M37G
Macaulay, J.L. M68A
MacDougall, M.E. M8G
MacDougall, M.G. M8G
MacFarlane, J.J. MO43
Mack, M.A. WO53
Mackay, J.T. M67A
Maclean, A.L.M. M61A
MacLean, K.N. M43A
MacLean, N.J. M34A
MacPherson, K.F. M41G
Macrae, A.J.P. MO101
Madden, F.B. MO26
Maddern, D.L. M26G
Maddern, K.E. MO65
Maddern, R. MO5
Maddock, R. M8A
Madien, D.K. M64A
Maher, J.J. M28A
Maher, M.F. M38G
Maher, P.G. M8A
Mahoney, J.L. MO21
Mahoney, V.C. MO90
Mahood, D.C. M5A
Maiden, W.G. MO73
Maike, N.F. MO95
Mainon, C.R. M37G
Mainon, M.B. M25G
Major, N.R. MO7
Makin, C.F. M18G
Makin, J.F. MO57
Male, W.D. M19A
Malempre, L.T. O21G
Maley, B.R. MO96
Malone, W.D. MO80
Maloney, F. M25A
Malouf, A.D. MO24
Mandells, H.D. MO12
Mandy, A.J. M54A
Mann, A.S. WO36
Mann, D.J.M. M34G
Mann, J.E. M21A
Mann, J.I. M25G
Mann, R.G. MO76
Mann, W.H.C. O21G
Manning, A.S. M43G
Manning, F.J. M32A
Manning, F.P. MO38
Manson, R.A. M40G
Manthorpe, J.R. M17G
Marchall, N.F. M21A
Marion, R.D. MO84
Marks, A.B. M37G
Marks, A.G. MO7
Marks, M.R.L. MO106
Marks, R. WO19
Marky, A.R. M60A
Marrinan, T.J. MO80
Marriott, R.A. M10A
Marsden, B.A. WO59
Marsden, G.C. M9A
Marsden, H.A. MO89
Marsh, J.E. M43A
Marsh, J.K. WO11
Marshall, D.A. MO79
Marshall, D.L. WO27
Marshall, J.H. WO41
Marshall, M.J. MO83
Marshman, S.C. M14A
Marston, F.L. MO63
Martin, A.R. MO97
Martin, C.R. M39G
Martin, E.H. M2A
Martin, E.W. M9A
Martin, I.D. MO113
Martin, J.F. M14A
Martin, J.R. M2A
Martin, N. MO9
Martin, P. MO48
Martin, R.W. MO103
Martin, S.H. MO12
Mason, J.F. M20G
Mason, M.J. MO98
Massie, R.H.E. MO103
Masters, J.W. M33A
Mather, J. MO26
Matters, B.F. WO18
Matters, C.L. MO24
Matthews, H.A. M4A, 2G
Matthews, H.L. MO74
Matthews, T.L. MO107
Matthewson, J. MO86
Mattick, W.J. M39G
Mauger, A.G. M9G
Maver, W.J. M3A, 1G
Mawer, J.W. M1A
Maxwell, D.H. MO31
May, F.J. M71A
Maybury, K.A. MO84
Mayo, J. WO42
Mazlin, C.B. O14G
McAbpin, R.A. MO64
McAllister, R.B. M29A
McAuley, J.P. MO29
McAuliffe, M.L. M3A, 1G
McBain, G.D. MO78
McBean, W. M44G
McBrien, F.J. M20A
McBurney, N.B. M38G
McCabe, F. MO82
McCallum, J.D. WO42
McCambridge, J.J. M39G
McCann, J.A. MO107
McCann, J.R. M34G
McCann, L.V.C. M4G
McCarroll, N.A. MO14
McCarthy, C.E. MO7
McCarthy, D.V. MO68
McCarthy, E.J. MO84
McCarthy, G.P.J. MO101
McCarthy, James F. MO75
McCarthy, John F. MO5
McCarthy, R.J. MO10
McCarthy, W.H. M21A
McCartney, J.L. M16A
McCausland, J.C. M38G
McClelland, J.R. MO69
McConnel, D.S. MO94
McConnell, J.M. M44G
McConnell, M.K. WO13
McCormack, E.W. M13A
McCormack, N.A. M41G
McCosker, P.C. WO55
McCowan, M.H. M21G
McCoy, A.P. M38A
McCoy, D.A. MO113
McCoy, E.D. M44A
McCreedie, B.L. M30A
McCreesh, J.C. MO5
McCristal, J.A. MO92
McCulley, K.W. M28G
McCulloch, E.G. M4G
McDavitt, J.G. MO109
McDonald, A.T. MO112
McDonald, C.H. MO23
McDonald, C.L. MO61
McDonald, D.K. M51A
McDonald, H.F. MO72
McDonald, I.D. M38G
McDonald, I.G. M12A
McDonald, I.V. MO23
McDonald, J.A. MO75
McDonald, J.B. WO39
McDonald, J.K. MO43
McDonald, R.L. M32G
McDonald, S.F. MO10
McDonnell, R.T. MO24
McDougall, A.H. M8G
McDougall, B.R. M6G
McElroy, C.S. MO78
McEntee, J. M57A
McEwan, C.D. M68A
McFadyen, A.J. MO70
McGarry, D.M. MO90
McGarvie, J.G. MO24
McGill, E.M. WO58
McGinn, M.F. M23A
McGloskey, P. WO32
McGovern, W.A. MO94
McGowage, W.K. M39G
McGowan, B.W. M63A
McGowan, W.J. MO4
McGrane, J.M.C. O10G
McGrath, F.J. M36G
McGrath, J.J. M36G
McGregor, G.A. M19A
McGregor, J.A. MO66
McGregor, L. M13A
McGuiggan, A.J. M14G
McInnes, T.I. WO58
McIntosh, E.J. WO28
McIntosh, M.J. MO2
McIntyre, C.D. MO9
McIntyre, W.A. M8A
McKane, A.J. MO64
McKay, A.M. M12A
McKellar-Stewart, A. O19G
McKenzie, B.W. WO42
McKenzie, C.K. M15G
McKenzie, D.M. MO99
McKenzie, J.G. M40G
McKenzie, K.K. MO63
McKenzie, N. WO42
McKenzie, R.F. MO68
McKeon, F.K. M71A
McKeon, G.W. M8A
McKinlay, A.J. MO23
McKinnon, A.R. M32G
McLachlan, J.K. M21G
McLaughlin, J. M63A
McLaughlin, J.M. WO59
McLean, J.A. M18G
McLean, J.M. WO58
McLean, K.L. M54A
McLeary, C.C. M36A
McLennan, C.M. WO31
McLennan, J.R. M34G
McLennan, J.R. MO4
McLeod, A. MO21
McLeod, K.H. MO83
McLeod, N.R. M32G
McLeod, R.J. M17A
McLintock, R.S. M25A
McMahon, J.L. MO29
McMahon, J.P. M13A
McMahon, M.K. MO80
McMahon, P.M. WO37
McMahon, T.V. MO72
McManus, V.L. M51A
McMichael, H.O. O16G
McMillan, H.J. M35A
McMillan, W.H. MO50
McMullen, A. MO64
McMuller, H.T. MO81
McNab, H. MO15
McNamara, J. MO63
McNamara, J.T. MO45
McNamara, K.J. MO68
McNamara, K.L. M63A
McNicholl, M.D. O3A
McPetrie, G. MO38
McPharlin, M. M44A
McPhee, C.C.L. M14A
McPhee, R.B. MO43
McPherson, C.P. MO82
McPherson, D.A. MO70
McPherson, D.I. MO88
McPherson, D.R. MO103
McPherson, J.A. M13G
McQuillan, N.B. MO69
McReaddie, W. MO91
McRobbie, R.C. MO30
McTaggart, T.G. MO108
Meadows, P.G. M30A
Meadows, R.W. MO90
Meagher, P.H. MO84
Measday, J.W. O23G
Meckleburg, C.R. O9G
Meharry, J.S. O40G
Mehary, C.H.S. M31G
Meier, F.A. MO109
Meldrum, W.J. M60A
Mellows, J.A. M8A
Melville, A.R. M8G
Menner, R.J. MO9
Mentzenthen, D.A. M24A
Mercer, M. WO53
Merchant, R. MO72
Mercier, V.M. WO53
Mercovitch, M.B. MO71
Mercy, D.G. MO91
Merry, T.B. MO79
Messer, J.A. M6G
Metcalf, K.J. M68A
Metcalfe, M. WO39
Metcalfe, R.K. MO22
Meyer, B.G. M22A
Michael, J.A. O6A
Michaik, L. WO27
Middleton, M.S. MO23
Middleton, R.H. MO89
Middleton, S.L. M25G
Middleton, W.T. O20G
Midgely, R.C. MO100
Midgley, A.J. M13A
Milburn, B.H. M51A
Milburn, C.A. MO97
Miles, J.A. WO51
Miles, J.M. M28A
Miles, W.G. MO34
Milgate, L.J. WO58
Millard, G.M. M55A
Miller, A.H. M6G
Miller, E.J. MO25
Miller, F.D. MO101
Miller, F.T. M43A
Miller, G.J. MO3
Miller, J.G. M42G
Miller, J.M. M44G
Miller, J.W. MO49
Miller, Maurice M1A
Miller, Max M68A
Miller, W.J. WO33
Miller, W.P. MO83
Millership, N. MW68A
Millington, R.L. MO77
Millner, E.S. M40A
Mills, B.M. WO28
Mills, G.D. O22G
Mills, G.S. M59A
Mills, G.W. MO34
Mills, H.P. MO68
Mills, H.T. WO54
Mills, J.C. M36A
Milne, M.E. M8A
Milnes, D.C. MO84
Milvain, H.A. O39G
Minton, L.R.T. MO64
Mitchell, C.F. MO68
Mitchell, D. WO13
Mitchell, D.J. MO64
Mitchell, E. WO51
Mitchell, J.A.J. M9A
Mitchell, J.D. MO98
Mitchell, J.F. WO27
Mitchell, J.H. MO92
Mitchell, J.J. M59A
Mitchell, L.D. MO48
Mitchell, N.W. WO33
Mitchell, R.C. M18A
Mitchell, R.M. M24A
Mitchell, R.S. M15A
Mitchell, R.W. O6G
Mittag, E.M. MO99
Mittag, P.R. M21G
Mobbs, P.T. MO99
Moir, W.R. M31A
Mollison, J.M. MO48
Molteno, F.G. MO5
Monaghan, L.L. M22G
Monaro, J.W. M43G
Moncur, L.P. M9A
Montgomery, E.S. M37A
Moody, E.StG. M7A
Moody, L. M7A
Moon, W. M39G
Moore, A.L. M41G
Moore, B.A. MO24
Moore, B.H. MO108
Moore, B.P. WO27
Moore, D.J. WO59
Moore, D.P. WO56
Moore, E.M. WO39
Moore, F.W. MO63
Moore, G.F. MO108
Moore, J.P. WO53
Moore, K. WO13
Moore, K.W. M65A
Moore, L.N. WO47
Moore, R.M. O21G
Moore, R.P. M67A
Moore, V.C. M27A
Moran, J.E. WO28
Moran, M.F. MO31
Morant, J.E. WO11
Morehouse, W.J. M56A
Moreland, D. M32G
Morg, N.H.W. MO64
Morgan, C.C. M17G
Morgan, E.R. MO6
Morgan, F.W. MO72
Morgan, K.L. M16A
Morgan, R.J. M45A
Morgans, R.G. M59A
Moriarty, M.S. M39A
Moritz, K.W. M40G
Morley, J.M. M36A
Morris, E.G. M55A
Morris, F.J. M34G
Morriset, P.L. MO48
Morrison, A.I. M36A
Morrison, D. M3A, 7G
Morrison, G.C. O12G
Morrison, J.F. MO35
Morrison, K.N. WO28
Morrison, N. O6A
Morrow, G.J. O21G
Morrow, W.R. M38G
Morse, N.H. MO85
Mort, C.R. MO110
Morter, B.S. WO18
Morton, J.J. M33A
Morton, J.K. M34G
Moss, B.M. O4G
Moss, E.M. WO11
Moss, S.W. M35G
Mott, M.C. WO17
Mouat, G.H. MO50
Mountain, J.R. MO65
Moyle, J.M. O4A
Mueller , E.C.E. MO15
Muir, A.G. MO108
Muir, J.D.H. O16G
Muir, J.McD. MO111
Muir, W.B. M33G
Muirhead, A.R. WO17
Mulhearn, T.G. OX1A
Mulholland, J.M. WO47
Mullen, D.W. MO89
Mullen, N. M47A
Muller, L.L. MO75
Muller, M.I. WO28
Mulligan, P.M. WO37
Mullins, F.J. MO81
Mullins, V.T. MO12
Munday, R. WO59
Munro, A.H. M56A
Munro, L.T. MO82
Munro, R.B. MO90
Munro, W. M51A
Munro, W.E. MO7
Munting, R.L. MO83
Murchinson, J.L. M13G
Murfett, N.C. M37G
Murkin, H.R. WO19
Murphy, D.A. WO55
Murphy, J.L. MO111
Murphy, O.C. MO84
Murphy, P.M. WO36
Murphy, W.K. M32G
Murray, A.G. MO96
Murray, B.R. MO49
Murray, C. M29G
Murray, C.A. MO96
Murray, C.G. M36A
Murray, D.G. McN. MO2
Murrell, M.H. WO37
Musgrave, E.F. M15A
Mustard, D.J. WO47
Myers, J.S. WO54
Nagel, B.F. MO106
Nance, W.A. M21G
Nankervis, J.D. M19G
Napier, R.E. M52A
Nash, W.R. O5A
Naughton, R.W. M18A
Naylor, F.H. M28A
Neal, J.B. M21G
Neal, W.D. O19G
Neil, K.R. MO106
Neilen, R.N. M59A
Neill, R.L. MO14
Neill, W.G. MO9
Neilson, G.H. M23G
Neilson, R. M48A
Nelson, H.K. M34G
Nelson, J. MO93
Nelson, R.J. MO68
Ness, C.T. M37G
Nester, B. M55A
Nettle, G.F. M9G
Neville, G.A.R. M67A
Neville, G.I. M8A
Neville, W.D. MO10
Newbold, P.S. MO97
Newell, W.E. MO50
Newgreen, D. MO31
Newman, J. M13A
Newman, J.B. O21G
Newman, J.K. OX1A
Newman, J.W. MO91
Newson, F.J. M32G
Newstead, I.A. M14A
Nice, J.H. MO4
Nice, K.N. MO98
Nicholl, K.S. MO86
Nicholls, A.J. MO2
Nicholls, C.H. M30G
Nicholls, H.E. M23A
Nicholls, R.W. M7A
Nichols, C.W.J. M41A
Nicol, J.E. WO17
Niehoff, C.L.J. M1A
Nielsen, R.A. M32A
Nielsen, R.C. M39G
Nielsen, R.K. M67A
Nightingale, P.T. MO82
Niland, W.M. MO84
Nivol, M.W. M11G
Nix, E.J. M29G
Nix, H.A. M29A
Nixon, K.E. M32G
Nixon, K.J. MO111
Noble, E.M. WO47
Noblet, F.J. MO77
Noden, J.F. M28A
Noel, A.V. MO62
Nolan, M. M27A
Nomm, E. M18A
Noon, J.M. M15G
Noonan, E.W. M3G
Noonan, E.W. M4A
Noonan, K.J. M33A
Noone, K.C. MO31
Norman, B.W. M38A
Norman, I.W. M25A
Norman, R.J. M58A
Norman, W.H. MO81
Norrie, J.C. O3A
Norris, C.L. MO94
Norrish, C. MO44
Norriss, K.E. M57A
Northcott, G.R. MO44
Northcott, R.L. M37G
Norton, K.S. MO23
Norton, K.W. M43G
Norton, S. M59A
Noske, B.A. M36G
Nossiter, W.E. WO28
Nottle, A.G. M8G
Nugent, G.S. M18G
Nugent, J.K. MO73
Nunn, J.B. M10A
Nunn, R.A. MO77
O'Mahoney, F.P. MO95
Oakes, C.G. M56A
Oakes, D.A. O15G
Oakley, F.R. MO48
Oakley, G.L. M15G
Oakley, L.O. M12A
Ockerby, T.W. MO2
Ogilvie, H.C. MO5
Olcorn, G.J. MO48
Oldfield, N. MO7
Oldfield, R.E. O14G
Oldham, W.N. M32A
Oldmeadow, M.W. M17A
Oliver, B. M17G
Oliver, C.R. M54A
Oliver, G.C. MO30
Oliver, L.E. MO34
Olle, A.C. M16A
Olsen, B.F. M48G
Olsen, L.M. WO54
Olsson, K.E. M19A
Opperman, E.J. WO28
Orr, D.R. O14G
Ortlepp, E.C. M32G
Osborne, D.O. MO10
Osborne, H.W. MO101
Osborne, M. M13G
Osborne, Y.M.G. WO27
Oswell, F.B. O15A
Ottaway, E.M. WO42
Ottaway, F.A. WO20
Otton, H.H. MO85
Outteridge, D.O. WO58
Owen, R.R. M28G
O?Brien, B.H. MO91
O?Brien, C.J. M38G
O?Brien, E.G. M27G
O?Brien, P. MO26
O?Brien, R.P. M31G
O?Brien, V.T. MO113
O?Callaghan, W.A. MO84
O?Connor, A.E. MO8
O?Connor, A.J.T. M27A
O?Connor, K. MO82
O?Connor, R.V. MO91
O?Connor, T.J. O19G
O?Connor, T.M. M69A
O?Doherty, B.J. MO111
O?Donnell, B.F. MO68
O?Donnell, E.M. MO12
O?Donnell, M.V. M23A
O?Donnell, W.H. O7G
O?Donohue, J.F. MO68
O?Dwyer, F.J. MO66
O?Dwyer, K.P. M65A
O?Farrell, W.J. M4G
O?Flaherty, L.J. WO40
O?Gorman, P.K. MO80
O?Grady, F.J. L. MO15
O?Grady, W.S. M47G
O?Hanlon, R.M. O16G
O?Hare, W.J. M68A
O?Keefe, G.H. MO49
O?Leary, K.J. M55A
O?Loghlin, B.B. M41G
O?Loughlin, I.J. M27G
O?Neil, D.D. WO55
O?Neill, D.V. WO58
O?Neill, E.M. WO37
O?Neill, J.J. MO26
O?Reilly, J.G. WO56
O?Rourke, H. M35G
O?Sullivan, F.R. M29G
O?Sullivan, J.M. O14G
O?Sullivan, T.J. M17A
Packham, R.J. MO86
Padman, E.S. O19G
Paech, R.L. MO15
Page, A.E. MO85
Page, J.A. MO43
Page, L.N. M2A, 1G
Page, R.H.A. M45A
Page, R.M. MO84
Pain, F.C. MO22
Paindelli, F.B. M13G
Paine, G.S. MO68
Painter, K.W. M57A
Pallister, J.D. WO33
Palmer, B.L. WO20
Palmer, E.J. WO42
Palmer, F.D. MO102
Palmer, F.H. MO74
Palmer, J.J. M20A
Palmer, N.E. WO53
Palmer, R.H. M10A
Palmer, W.L. MO80
Panelli, A. M17G
Parfitt, H.S. M47A
Parker, C.E. M1G
Parker, C.E. M3A
Parker, M.J. MO10
Parker, M.P. WO33
Parker, R. MO77
Parker, R.W. MO84
Parker, S.J. MO79
Parkes, W.S. MO66
Parkhill, K.J. MO4
Parkinson, H.J. MO16
Parkinson, K.B. M18G
Parkinson, P.S. MO89
Parncutt, D.L. MO76
Parnell, J.V. M13A
Parramore, T.I. M23G
Parris, J.E. O7G
Parsonage, T.G. M8A
Parsons, R.E. MO101
Paschke, L.J. MO23
Pascoe, E.J. MO23
Pascoe, R.R. MO96
Pasfield, A.J. M59A
Patch, W.E. MO64
Paterson, A.C. WO20
Patterson, D.A. M32A
Patterson, J.W. MO67
Pattinson, E.M. WO27
Patton, E. M25G
Paul, B.I. M23G
Paulig, Y.D. WO47
Pawley, R.V. M49G
Payling, E.E. WO37
Payne, J.B. MO7
Payne, M.C. MO3
Payne, R.W. MO82
Payne, S.E. WO59
Peach, F.J. MO3
Peach, W.R. MO23
Peachey, M. WO42
Peacock, H.C. MO112
Peacock, R.V. MO74
Pearce, D.F. M18A
Pearce, I.L. WO56
Pearce, J.R. M36A
Pearce, R.S. O19G
Pearn, D.V. WO51
Pearson, E.K. MO94
Pearson, J.D. M64A
Pearson, N.A. MO93
Peart, T.B. M40G
Peaston, H.H. M4A, 2G
Peck, J.H. M26A
Peebles, A.M. MO8
Peebles, P.M. WO28
Peel, A.J. MO21
Peel, T.G. M9G
Peirce, P. M13A
Pell, B.C. M44G
Pelletier, D. MO25
Pellier, J.P. M43A
Penfold, E.W. MO72
Pengally, D.B. M5A
Penney, A.C. M20A
Penno, D.G. WO41
Pennycuick, G.J. MO104
Percival, L.K. M42A
Perkins, M.R. MO62
Perrett, E.A. WO52
Perry, J.H. M34A
Perry, J.S.B. MO26
Perry, K.S.G. MO99
Perry, V. M18G
Peter, A.J. M23G
Peters, D.B. M16A
Peters, D.E. M21A
Peters, G. MO69
Peters, H.St J. M44A
Peters, N.L. MO74
Petersen, E.W. MO24
Peterson, L.A. M25G
Peterson, R.B. M23G
Peterson, James M. M35G
Petherick, J.P. M6G
Petrie, D.K. MO68
Pettit, E.L. WO37
Pettit, L.K. M31G
Petty, J.B. MO107
Phibbs, M.R. MO69
Phillips, C.W. MO72
Phillips, D.R. WO19
Phillips, G.P. O5G
Phillips, J.W. O14A
Phillips, M.G. WO56
Phillips, R.K.H. M11A
Phillips, R.T. M27G
Phillips, T.J. WO59
Phillpotts, H.R. WO19
Philp, A.H. O19G
Philps, P. WO52
Pickering, C.N. O19G
Pierce, L. MO88
Pike, S.J. MO66
Pile, H.A. M16A
Pile, L.J. MO109
Pilgrim, G.L. M32G
Pinches, N.M. WO27
Pink, J.W. M44G
Pirey, L.L. MO10
Pitceathly, R.P. MO107
Pitcher, I.E. MO9
Pitcher, J.T. WO32
Pitcher, P.D. WO31
Pitman, R.H. MO67
Pitney, J.K. MO78
Pitt, T.F. MO44
Pittman, B.J. M38G
Place, E.J. M23A
Plant, A.A. M39G
Platon, M.V. M28A
Playford, G.H. M70A
Plominski, D.R. MO4
Plumber, J.E.V. M7A
Plumridge, M.G. M66A
Plumridge, M.R. MO22
Plunkett, M.E. WO18
Podem, H. MO99
Polkinghorne, M.T. WO46
Pollock, F.W. M25G
Pomas, M.P. M43G
Poole, A.C. M27A
Poole, P. WO27
Poole, T.F. MO68
Popham, R.C. M17G
Portens, C.A. WO33
Porter, D.M. M27A
Porter, F.H. O4G
Porter, J.G. M28A
Porter, M.L. WO59
Porter, R.M. WO18
Porter, R.W. O14A
Porter, S.F. M44A
Post, E.J. M32G
Postie, K.H. M8A
Postle, F.A. WO11
Potter, H.J. M18A
Potts, O.D. M3A
Povey, E.B. MO25
Powell, G.R. M28G
Powell, H.F. M34G
Power, A. M29G
Power, A.G. MO67
Power, A.H. MO4
Power, I.M. WO42
Power, J.T. M39G
Prasley, L.E. M39G
Pratt, C.J. M42G
Prentis, N. M10G
Preston, A.J. MO43
Price, A.G.L. O5G
Price, C.H. M34A
Priest, F.L. M37A
Priestly, T.B. MO68
Pritchard, A.M. M26A
Pritchard, H.L. M55A
Pritchard, H.L. MO65
Prodeaux, W.K. M53A
Prokhovnik, N. M15A
Prosser, T.J. MO112
Protheroe, J.A. M39G
Provan, C.J. MO86
Prowse, R.B. MO85
Prowse, V.E. WO47
Pryde, L.E. WO39
Pryde, M.E. WO33
Pryor, R.F. M5A, 3G
Puddicombe, C.J. WO54
Purcell, A.J. M35G
Purcell, J.R. MO75
Purvis, J.G. M49A
Pyle, M.J. M38G
Quane, B. MO87
Quelhurst, R. WO42
Quinlan, J.L. MO93
Quinn, C.V. WO41
Quirk, R.E.I. MO50
Radbone, H.J. MO78
Radcliffe, M.H. M42G
Radclyffe, L.E. O5G
Radford, V.E. O7A
Rae, K.M. WO31
Rae, W.H. MO84
Ragg, W.M. WO36
Ragless, A.K. MO78
Ralph, L.J.M. M17G
Ralston, G.N. MO108
Ramage, P.A. MO104
Ramm, G.G. O13G
Ramsay, M.M. WO56
Randall, H.K. WO11
Randall, R. MO64
Randles, E.J. MW61A
Rann, G.W. O5A, 3G
Ratcliff, A.E. M12A
Ratcliff, J.F. MO70
Ratcliffe, J.H. M4A, 2G
Ratten, D.A. MO98
Raw, A.A. L. MO26
Rawson, R.J.C. O6A
Rayner, D.J. M31A
Rayner, N.D. M62A
Raynolds, L. WO13
Rayson, K. WO56
Read, A.R. M42A
Read, A.W. O15G
Reardon, L.J. M15A
Reddan, C.D. MO24
Reddan, V.P. MO43
Reddie, K.A. M12A
Reece, A.A. MO89
Reed, G.S. MO38
Reed, T.M. WO17
Reen, J.H. O14G
Rees, A.P. MO92
Reeves, J.E. MO90
Regan, B.F. MO12
Reid, D. MO88
Reid, H.S. M24G
Reid, J.G. MO66
Reid, M.G. MO63
Reid, W.H. M18G
Reimer, B. M20G
Reis, B.L. M44G
Relf, R.H.R. M28G
Renowden, E.A. M6G
Renshaw, R.W. MO78
Resch, C.E. O3A
Retallick, K.D. M54A
Reymond, H.F. M1A
Reynolds, D.L.T. MO108
Reynolds, F.A. MO86
Reynolds, H.E.G. MO5
Reynolds, R.J. O9A
Rhodes, L.J. M39G
Rice, W.H.S. M31G
Rich, A.N. M40A
Richards, A.R. MO10
Richards, D.F. O7A
Richards, J.S. MO78
Richards, R.J. MO99
Richards, S.R. MO70
Richardson, A.K. M21A
Richardson, C.A. M1A
Richardson, C.N. MO104
Richardson, D.J. WO42
Richardson, J.M. M54A
Richardson, K.R. M50A
Richardson, T.R. MO38
Richardson, W.H.A. M8A
Riches, E.J. WO27
Richter, L.J. M7A
Rickard-Bell, R.B. M20G
Rickards, J. M53A
Ricketts, J.O. MO73
Ridgway, L.R. MO16
Riley, C.W. M1A
Riley, K.A. WO59
Riley, S.J. MO95
Ring, K.M. M24G
Ritchie, B.M. WO11
Ritchie, R.V. M12A
Ritchie, S.A. O17A
Rixon, C.J. M16A
Roach, H.L. M32G
Roberts, A. M11G
Roberts, A.S. MO5
Roberts, B.J. M50A
Roberts, C.D.D. MO112
Roberts, H.J. M10G
Roberts, I.E. WO52
Roberts, J.G. MO82
Roberts, L.C. M34G
Roberts, M.V. WO31
Roberts, M.W. MO91
Roberts, O.A. MO68
Roberts, R.D. MO76
Robertson, B.B.S. M60A
Robertson, G.R. M9G
Robertson, H. WO46
Robertson, J.E. WO33
Robins, E.A. M22G
Robins, I.H. M37G
Robins, R.H. M8A
Robinson, A.C. M25G
Robinson, B.M. WO41
Robinson, D.J. M20G
Robinson, E.T. O14G
Robinson, G. MO4
Robinson, I.D. MO68
Robinson, P.D. WO42
Robinson, R. O4G
Robinson, R.E. MO4
Robinson, S.J. WO19
Robinson, W.H. MO22
Robjant, F.C. M3A, 1G
Robjohns, J.N. WO40
Robson, M.W. O11G
Roddick, M.P. MO81
Rodwell, D.G. MO89
Roebuck, J.W. M25G
Rogers, F.C. M42A
Rogers, R. M63A
Rohen, W.R. MO109
Roland, R.E. MO63
Rolle, P.A. MO71
Ronayne, J.J. MO102
Rosalky, M. M34A
Rose, L.A. M3A, 1G
Rose, R.E. M71A
Rose, R.G. MO98
Rose, R.R. MO77
Roseler, C.J.S. MO60
Rosner, M. M27G
Ross, A.W. MO4
Ross, D.A.C. MO21
Ross, J.B. O19G
Ross, J.F. M7A
Ross, K. MO97
Ross, R.F. M35A
Ross, W.B. O23G
Rothberg, M. MO5
Roughton, D.A. M12A
Rounsevell, E.S. WO33
Rourke, J.F. MO81
Routledge, L.Y. WO58
Rowe, B.C. MO85
Rowe, J. MO86
Rowe, K.N. MO79
Rowell, M.E. WO54
Rowell, Robert A. M13A
Rowell, Roy A. M13A
Rowland, W.J. M33G
Roworth, V.M. WO40
Roy, W.F. M39A
Ruff, R.J. M31A
Runting, G.W. MO92
Russell, B.A. M44G
Russell, B.F. WO28
Russell, E.E. WO56
Russell, F.E. MO93
Russell, J. MO104
Russell, J.A. MO64
Russell, R.J.K. MO50
Russell-Harris, I.M. WO51
Rutherford, I.T. M48G
Ryall, A.T. M8A
Ryan, A.J. O6G
Ryan, A.L. MO49
Ryan, D.J. MO67
Ryan, D.J. MO79
Ryan, F.J. MO63
Ryan, G.J. M62A
Ryan, J.S. M61A
Ryan, K.P. MO78
Ryan, L.D. MO85
Ryan, L.L. M71A
Ryan, M.J. M37G
Ryan, N.J. M19G
Ryan, O.J. WO47
Ryan, R.F. MO95
Ryan, R.M. O4G
Ryan, T.G. M19A
Ryan, T.H. MO107
Ryan, T.J. MO82
Sabolich, J. M40G
Saggers, E.R. MO63
Saint, A.W. M37A
Sait, F.H. M43A
Sakrzewski, C. M61A
Saladine, E.R. M25A
Sallows, R.A. MO63
Salmon, F.B. M66A
Salter, A.J.H. MO34
Sambell, N. MO80
Samblebe, H.C. MO24
Sampson, H.A. MO24
Sanderson, E.E. M25A
Sanderson, J.T. MO21
Sanderson, L.R. M36G
Sands, J.C. M17G
Sands, J.E. MO35
Sankey, A. MO9
Sargeant, H.H. M15A
Satchell, R.W. M62A
Saunders, C.G. MO26
Saunders, S.J.W. M27G
Savage, F. M41G
Savage, J.W. M14G
Savage, R.H. M7A
Savage, R.T. MO83
Sawade, R.F. MO98
Sawford, L.F. O5G
Scaddan, J. M4G
Scanlon, W.F. MO113
Scar, H.A. M35G
Scarff, W.J. O2A, 1G
Scarman, S,T, M21A
Schabe, G.L. M49A
Schick, C.S. MO102
Schmidt, L.N. MO24
Schmidt, W.F. MO67
Schneider, R.A. MO70
Schofield, B.W. M49A
Schofield, E.G. MO22
Schofield, T.P. M7A
Schomburgh, C. MO107
Schubert, W.C. MO67
Schulz, A.L.G. MO1, M9G
Scoble, R.H. M36A
Scott, A.J.M. M21G
Scott, B.H. WO20
Scott, D.J. MO15
Scott, F.D. MO78
Scott, G.C. O8G
Scott, G.N. M42G
Scott, J. M4A, 2G
Scott, J.F. M55A
Scott, J.G. MO108
Scott, J.M. WO17
Scott, S. MO7
Scott, W.W. MO81
Scoular, R.H. MO85
Scully, C.T. O7A
Seabrook, H.M. WO59
Seal, T.W. M33G
Seale, J.C. WO32
Seaton, E.D. WO33
Sebbins, B. MO107
Segal, S. MO68
Selden, E.L. MO85
Sellick, C.R. M30G
Semfel, E.C. M11A
Semmence, A.J. WO51
Semmens, F.M. MO38
Sempill, P.J. WO37
Serle, C. M19A
Serpell, H.G. WO11
Seward, R.J. MO3
Sewell, H.I. MO89
Sewell, R.H. M35G
Seymour, J.P. MO7
Shady, V.P. MO93
Shalan, R.A. M34A
Sharkie, D.J. M43G
Sharp, F.W. O14G
Sharp, I.B. MO1
Sharp, R.A. MO104
Shaw, D. MO79
Shaw, F. M21A
Shaw, P.R. M40G
Shaw, R.J. MO74
Shaw, R.W. MO77
Sheaffe, P.H.J. MO45
Sheaffe, R.G. O4G
Sheard, J.A. M37G
Shearer, W.A. M37G
Shearman, L.A. MO100
Shearman, W.J. M29G
Sheedy, P.J. MO45
Sheehan, H.D. M10G
Sheehy, J.W. M29A
Sheenan, I.V. MO83
Shelley, E.L. M26G
Shelley Jones, K.H. MO66, M57A
Shepherd, P.G. WO11
Shepherdson, R.F. MO101
Sheppard, K.L. M36A
Shergold, J. M26G
Sherwin, M.A. WO19
Shield, M.L. WO46
Shiels, R. M17G
Shillingford, R.F.W. MO57
Short, C.R.J. MO8
Short, J.H. MO72
Short, W.G. MO91
Shorten, U.P. WO36
Sibley, G. M42G
Sibson, J.B. M42G
Sidlow, J. M40G
Siegele, C.C. O20G
Sierakowski, R.W. MO64
Simmonds, E.W. M13G
Simmonds, R.G. MO93
Simmons, N.F. WO28
Simmons, T.A.M. MO25
Simonson, C. MO44
Simpson, A.C. MO14
Simpson, H.L. WO37
Simpson, J.D. MO38
Simpson, P.E. MW61A
Simpson, R.G. MO7
Simpson, R.S.G. M42A
Simpson, U.M. MO72
Sinclair, C.R. MO69
Sinclair, D.S. WO11
Sinclair, J. MO78
Sinclair, M.T. M22G
Sing, A.R. M28G
Size, E.W. M49A
Skerman, R.D. M1A
Skewes , T.N. MO67
Skillman, W.J. MO79
Skinner, A.W.S. MO29
Skinner, J.H.W. M19G
Skinner, R.W.G. M42A
Slade, M.N. WO20
Slaon, M.B. M26A
Slattery, H.P. WO42
Slee, I.B. MO57
Slee, O.B. M37G
Slip, K.D. MO2
Slott, D.J. MO89
Small, A.L. WO53
Smallwood, A.M.R. M34G
Smart, J.K. M36G
Smart, W.N. M56A
Smerdon, L.J. WO40
Smith, A.M. M24G
Smith, B.B. M48G
Smith, C.C. M39G
Smith, C.E. MO50
Smith, C.G.H. MO95
Smith, D.M. WO56
Smith, D.V. MO8
Smith, E. MO80
Smith, E.C. MO7
Smith, E.J.L. WO20
Smith, E.L. WO56
Smith, E.W. MO87
Smith, F.E. MO2
Smith, F.M. MO87
Smith, H.E. M52A
Smith, H.G. MO43
Smith, H.J. M41A
Smith, H.L. MO96
Smith, I.A. MO21
Smith, I.R. M38A
Smith, J.F. O2G
Smith, J.M. M22A
Smith, John Wallace MO91
Smith, John William M14G
Smith, K.A. M4A, 2G
Smith, K.G. MO23
Smith, K.T. M22G
Smith, M.R. MO98
Smith, N.J. M23A
Smith, P.M. WO55
Smith, R.G.J. M43G
Smith, S.V.F. MO23
Smith, Sidney James MO90
Smith, Sydney John M11G
Smith, T.R. MO8
Smith, W. M48G
Smith, W.A. MO44
Smith, W.H. MO38
Smith, W.J. M42A
Smith, W.N. M14G
Smollett, J.R. MO90
Smyth, G.J. MO68
Smyth, K.A. M14A
Smyth-King, P.O. M37A
Smythe, J.S. MO26
Snedden, N.H. M28A
Snellman, A.W. M30A
Snookal, L. M44G
Sobels, D.L. MO44
Soden, L.B. O15G
Solin, D.J. WO42
Somers, M. MO82
Somerville, M.M. WO47
Sommerfeld, L.N. MO8
South, B.D. WO13
South, H. WO59
Soutter, R.K. M33G
Spain, D.R.F. MO111
Spalding, K.M. M42G
Sparks, D.R. WO20
Spearritt, D. M29G
Spencer, B.C. WO55
Spencer, K.W. M36A
Spencer, T.E. M22G
Spencer-Jones, D. M37A
Sperring, N. MO4
Sprague, L.W. M17G
Spratt, R.J. MO79
Sprengel, E.A. M40G
Spry, H.E. M4G
Squires, J.C. M54A
Stackpool, P.J. WO28
Stainsby, I.W. M15A
Stalling, R.B. M60A
Standford, R.W. WO32
Staniforth, D.J. M60A
Stanley, F.J. MO92
Stanley, W.G. MO106
Stannard, J.E. M15A
Stansfield, K. MO89
Stanton, E.A. M30G
Stapleton, L.M. MO78
Stapleton, R.L. MO7
Stark, A.F. M37G
Stark, G.H. M36A
Stark, J. M9G
Stark, K. M9A
Stark, R. MO1
Starkes, J.A. M30G
Starling, H.C. MO75
Starr, F.J. MO23
Steege, J.P. WO37
Steer, H.D. WO33
Stenhouse, J. MO89
Stenlake, W.A. MO25
Stephens, D.C. MO31
Stephens, E.J. M48A
Stephens, J. WO47
Stephenson, H.H. M5A,
Stephenson, M.J. WO32
Stevens, L.W. M42A
Stevenson, F. M59A
Stevenson, P.E. WO28
Stewart, A.C. MO24
Stewart, A.F. MO78
Stewart, D.M. MO87
Stewart, E.M. WO59
Stewart, J. MO7
Stewart, R.M. MO87
Stiles, E.M. WO41
Stilwell, C.R. M41G
Stockdale, J. WO18
Stockley, W.G. M65A
Stone, M.J. M31G
Stone, R.F. M39G
Storey, R.F. M44G
Stratford, L. M9G
Stratford, T.L. MO71
Stratton, A.C. MO85
Stratton, C.N. MO26
Stratton, E.J. M52A
Streeter, R.W. M2A
Streeter, V.S. MO62
Stretten, H.B.E. M37G
Stribling, B.H. M40A
Strong, C.D. M41G
Stuart, D.H. O15G
Stuart, G.M. WO41
Stubbings, T.B. MO12
Stubbs, F. M48G
Stubbs, M. WO42
Stuchbery, A.H. M14A
Studt, R.C. M49G
Sturgass, V.G. M48G
Sturgess, C.E. M47G
Sturmey, S.C. MO15
Sturt, J.C. MO93
Sue, J.A.C. MO7
Sullivan, C.E. WO32
Sullivan, D.J. WO31
Sullivan, V.P. WO19
Sullivan, W.J. M63A
Sullivan, W.N.J. MO31
Summers, E.C. MO93
Summers, R.D. M1A
Summerville, W.E. M50G
Sumner, W.A. M12A
Surman, F.H.W. O21G
Sutherland, C.D. MO48
Sutherland, D.M. MO68
Sutherland, H.M. MO98
Sutton, C.M. WO11
Sutton, E.M. WO39
Suttor, E.E.T. M4A, 2G
Svensen, A.G. M2A, 1G
Svenson, G.T. O15A
Swan, B.J. MO89
Swan, D.E. O4A, 3G
Sweatman, A. MO50
Sweet, L.T. M13G
Swindells, S.R. M46A
Syer, S.R. M35G
Sykes, B.J. MO78
Symington, N. M44A
Symonds, D.A. M40G
Symonds, M.K. M48A
Symons, A.W. M19A
Symons, D.J. MO75
Tainsh, A.J. MO22
Tait, R.E. WO31
Takle, W.G. MO65
Talbot, J.R. M31G
Tamblin, J.W. M35G
Tamblyn, L. WO40
Tancred, M.C. M9A
Tapp, A.G. M34G
Tarlington, J.P. M42A
Tarrant, F. MO5
Tarrington, R.J. M26A
Tate, V.F. WO33
Taubman, C.N. O7A
Taubman, K.H. O9A
Taylor, A.L. M40G
Taylor, C.J. M17G
Taylor, D.J.S. WO37
Taylor, D.K. MO48
Taylor, D.M. WO11
Taylor, Donald J. M24A
Taylor, Dudley J. M39A
Taylor, G.O. MO10
Taylor, H.R. MO9
Taylor, H.W. M24G
Taylor, J.G. M10G
Taylor, M.E. WO18
Taylor, R.J. MO109
Taylor, R.L. M11A
Taylor, W.E. MO64
Taylor, W.J. M37A
Taynton, M.W. MO31
Teale, W.L. M41G
Tehan, D.M. MO101
Terrell, W.H.S. M47G
Terry, J.S. MO81
Thacker, E.W. M44A
Thau, J.L. MO110
Thetford, F.H. M9A
Thiele, C.M. M35G
Thiele, H.W. M42G
Thien, M.S. M21G
Thirlwell, W. M33G
Thom, R.G. MO61
Thomas, A.D. O9G
Thomas, C.W. M51A
Thomas, D.G. O2A, 1G
Thomas, E.C. M39G
Thomas, E.H. M62A
Thomas, E.J. WO20
Thomas, E.W. MO22
Thomas, G.E. MO88
Thomas, H.P. WO11
Thomas, K.H. M22G
Thomas, M.C. WO52
Thomas, P.L. MO88
Thomas, R.D. M1A
Thomas, R.J. M8A
Thomas, Raymond H. MO89
Thomas, Roland H. M32G
Thompson, A. MO101
Thompson, A.K. M40G
Thompson, A.L. M6G
Thompson, A.R. MO4
Thompson, B.E. M18A
Thompson, E.C. M48A
Thompson, G.M. M3G
Thompson, G.M. M5A
Thompson, G.R. M36G
Thompson, G.R. WO20
Thompson, J. M42A
Thompson, J.C. M52A
Thompson, J.E.L. WO18
Thompson, J.J. M6G
Thompson, K.L. M56A
Thompson, P.H. M62A
Thompson, R. MO92
Thompson, R.C. M28G
Thompson, R.G. MO35
Thompson, S.A. M15A
Thompson, T.A. MO111
Thompson, W.E. M7A
Thompson, W.G. M14A
Thompson, W.J. MO25
Thompson-Jones, J. WO46
Thomson, E.M. MO83
Thomson, G. MO9
Thomson, K.K. WO55
Thomson, R.C. MO16
Thomson, W.A.F. M2A, 7G
Thonemann, F.F. O7A
Thorn, J.W. M13A
Thorn, R.R. M42G
Thorn, W.J. M71A
Thornander, A.L.E. WO27
Thorne, G. M24A
Thorne, W.G. MO94
Thornhill, A.R. MO85
Thornton, K.J. M41G
Thornton, W.A. M38G
Threlfo, A.B.S. M18A
Thurgate, A.L. M51A
Thurgate, M.B. MO50
Thurman, W.H. M49A
Thwaites, R.R. M20G
Tibbett, N.L. M41G
Tilbrook, C.D. O9A
Tilbrook, H.W. M56A
Timms, C.J. M27G
Tinetta, J.A. MO38
Tinney, A.N. M48G
Tipping, C.W. MO71
Todd, E.M. WO17
Tolhurst, H.T. MO26
Tolson, V.K. M8A
Toni, A.P. WO59
Tonkin, A. WO39
Tonkin, A.C. M64A
Tonkin, E.M. M17A
Toohey, A.J. MO107
Toohey, P.J. MO85
Toope, P.C. MO110
Toose, M.E. WO19
Torrance, M. MO1
Tote, D. WO59
Towner, W.N. M33A
Townsend, H.R. M39G
Townsend, W. MO86
Toye, F.L. M22A
Tradger, E.J. M63A
Traeger, V.R. M54A
Trahair, M.J. MO34
Trail, A.R. MO26
Trainor, N.L. M31G
Trainor, R.L. O19G
Tranter, L.H. M23A
Trathen, L.J. WO41
Treadwell, G.H. M32G
Treadwell, L.J. M22G
Trembath, C.J.B. M15A
Trembath, N.A. MO100
Trenerry, R. M15A
Trengrove, A.R. M37G
Tresland, A.L. M60A
Trevillian, K.J. M15A
Trezise, R. MO80
Trice, F.L. WO20
Tripp, L. MO78
Tronson, A.D. MO107
Trotman, G.J. WO47
Trott, W.C. M64A
Truss, A.J. M8A
Tuchy, F.S. M32A
Tucker, C.S.L. MO25
Tucker, N.O. M1A
Tucker, R.R. MO12
Tucker, W.D. MO78
Tucker, W.G. MO16
Tudball, K.D. MO25
Tulk, F.E. M49A
Tulloch, B.W. MO80
Tulloch, D.M. WO53
Tully, D.I. WO20
Tully, M.E. WO33
Turley, T.T. MO72
Turnbull, J.D. O12A
Turner, F.W. M68A
Turner, G.T. WO53
Turner, J. M33G
Turner, J.S. M21A
Turner, L.A. M17G
Turner, N.E. WO56
Turner, N.G. M49G
Turner, O.H. M44G
Turner, R.A. M63A
Turner, R.S. MO74
Tweeddale, J.A. M22G
Twine, E.L MO14
Tydell, C.N. MO4
Tye, A.J. MO12
Tyler, H.W. O9A
Tyndall, N.F. M48G
Tyquin, L.W. MO76
Tyrell, M.D. WO47
Tyrrell, W.G. M6G
Tyson, A.N. MO102
Ulbrich, K.R. M16A
Ulett, J.G. MO2
Underwood, F.A. M23G
Unger, A.A. M31G
Unstead, N.A. MO23
Unsworth, G. M7A
Unthank, E.L. M26G
Uren, J. O6G
Urquhart, M.O. MO92
Vahtrick, C. M28G
Vains, H.J. M22G
Valentine, A.L. M35A
Valentine, J.S. MO79
Vallance, D H MO15
Vandenbergh, R.P. M38G
Vanderwolf, C.E. WO37
Varles, W.H.D. M71A
Varney, L.J. M14A
Vaughan, P.M. MW61A
Vawdrey, W.A. MO5
Vernon, J.M. MO97
Verrall, S.S. M37G
Vial, J.N. WO56
Vickers, J. WO42
Vickery, R.C. WO20
Victor, B.C. WO58
Vidder, J.R. M17A
Vieusseux, N.J. M13G
Vincent, J. M24G
Vine, E.W. MO21
Viney, C.H. MO4
Volk, W.G. MO104
Vonthethoff, A.H. M64A
Vowles, S.C.A. M43G
Wade, E.D. MO82
Wade, E.J. M43G
Wade, I.R. M38G
Wade, L.T. MO3
Wadmore, N.P. WO46
Wadsley, R. O1A
Wagenknecht, W.C. M26A
Wain, H.L. MO24
Wain, J.P. M1A, 7G
Wait, I.P.H. WO20
Wake, D. M12A
Wakefield, D.M. WO31
Walbran, F.G. M33G
Walch, G.R. MO61
Walker, B. WO53
Walker, D.J. M19A
Walker, D.R. MO7
Walker, E.A. O16A
Walker, G.J. WO33
Walker, J. MO57
Walker, J.H. MO23
Walker, J.W. MO87
Walker, K.E. MO25
Walker, L.J. M69A
Walker, R.A. M13A
Walker, S.J. WO18
Wall, J.M. MO25
Wall, M.J. M10A
Wallace, A.P. O20G
Wallace, A.P. MO4
Wallace, A.R. MO82
Wallace, F.J. M14A
Wallace, J.R. O5G
Wallbridge, A.C. M19G
Wallis, T.C.C. M40A
Walls, A.G. MO90
Walmsley, J.R. MO68
Walsh, A.J. MO7
Walsh, J.H. MO61
Walsh, M.N. WO59
Walsh, M.W. MO14
Walsh, N.C. M21A
Walsh, P.M. MO88
Walter, C.W. MO26
Walter, E.T. O14A
Walters, E.M. WO13
Walters, S.G. M42G
Walther, E.L. O17G
Walton, D.J. M14A
Walton, J.G. MO25
Ward, A.S. MO7
Ward, D.J. M30G
Ward, G.F. MO63
Ward, G.J. O39G
Ward, J.L. M63A
Ward, P.H. WO33
Ward, P.I. WO20
Wardle, B.R. MO108
Ware, N. MO100
Warford-Mein, D.P. O22G
Waring, G.N. MO111
Wark, E.C. M36G
Warner, R.A. MO106
Wasley, A.G. WO40
Wass, K.A. MO2
Watchorn, C.L. WO36
Waters, J.W. M28G
Watson, E.E. M48A
Watson, J.D. MO75
Watson, K.G. M32A
Watson, K.W.F. MO12
Watson, L.J. M21A
Watson, M.I.M. WO17
Watson, N.M. WO46
Watson, O.M. M15A
Watson, P.R. M20G
Watson, R.L. MO38
Watt, E. WO18
Watt, J.H. MO15
Watt, R.M. MO5
Watt, T.K.. M6G
Watters, D.G. M37A
Watts, D.C. M30G
Watts, H.R. MO88
Watts, W.H. M37A
Wauchope, H.A. M26A
Waud, G.J. MO85
Waugh, G.M.F. MO12
Waugh, S. MO10
Wayland, J.L. MO85
Weatherburn, F. MO48
Webb, C.A. M55A
Webb, E.N. WO31
Webb, F.C. MO85
Webb, V.S. M8A
Webb, W.V. MO91
Webber, K.J. MO67
Weddell, J.A. O1A
Weekes, R.A. MO63
Weekes, W.H. MO45
Weeks, A.W. M26G
Wegener, H.D. M64A
Weinert, M.L. MO24
Weir, E.J. MO88
Weir, J.S. O1A
Weir, K.H. M38G
Weir, W.L. MO85
Welch, B. M17A
Welch, G. MO90
Welch, G.P. M16A
Wellington, C.C. M40A
Wellington, J. WO17
Wellington, M.M. MO68
Wells, E.J. WO13
Wells, N. WO32
Wells, R.D. M13A
Wells, V.T. MO67
Wells, W.L. M41G
Wellstead, W.W. M4A, 2G
Welman, B. WO42
Welman, M. WO40
Welman, P. WO40
Welsh, G.F. MO60
Wendelin, C.R. M21A
West, B.P. WO42
West, C.E. M41A
West, H.A. M14A
West, K.W. MO14
West, T.G. M42G
Westergarrd, E. MO78
Westman, A.E. MO67
Weston, P.M. WO47
Weston, W. O2G
Westwood, D.J. M42G
Wethereld, F. M39G
Wharton, E.M. WO31
Whatmore, A.P.J. MO16
Wheat, W.J. WO20
Wheeler, F.A. M34A
Whelan, B.L. MO77
Whelan, R.B. M26G
Wheller, J.M. O10A
Whetton, F.L. MO21
While, K.S. O40G
Whiley, K.G. MO79
Whipp, W.B. M43G
Whitaker, W.O. MO67
White, C.H. MO5
White, C.T. M17A
White, D.F. M10G
White, D.F. WO37
White, F.E. MO76
White, F.R. MO57
White, H. O12G
White, H.O. M22G
White, J.D. M14A
White, J.M. M21A
White, K.C. M36G
White, R.D. MO71
White, R.E. M55A
White, V.A M14A
White, V.T. M8G
White, W.D. O4G
White, W.F.L. MO72
Whitechurch, L. MO86
Whitehead, B.D. WO37
Whitehouse, A.P. M12A
Whitehouse, N. M62A
Whitelaw, C.J. M17A
Whitelaw, R.K. MO77
Whitfield, G.P. M33G
Whitfield, J.R. MO108
Whitfield, N.V. MO64
Whitham, A.V. MO78
Whiting, A.R. M23A
Whiting, P.A. MO75
Whitlock, J.R. MO5
Whitman, J.D. MO25
Whittaker, J.L.G. MO22
Whitton, R.A. M69A
Whybourne, J.C. M24G
Wigley, A.R. MO61
Wignall, M.H. MO9
Wilcox, F.W. MO66
Wilcox, F.W. M56A
Wilcox, L.D. WO28
Wildman, J.L. MO79
Wileman, B.G. O12A
Wilkes, H.E. M66A
Wilkins, J.K. M34G
Wilkinson, F.W. M30G
Wilksonson, H.V. MO31
Willes, D.F. MO5
William, K.M. O8G
Williams, A. M57A
Williams, A.F.W. O6G
Williams, A.J. M16A
Williams, C.Edward M4G
Williams, Christopher E. MO80, M60A
Williams, D.J. M49G
Williams, E.J. MO22
Williams, G.W.H. MO63
Williams, H.J. O8G
Williams, J.C. WO18
Williams, J.J. M15A
Williams, J.L. MO103
Williams, J.V. M40A
Williams, K.A. M69A
Williams, K.S. M40A
Williams, P.M. O11G
Williams, R. M19A
Williams, R.J. MO70
Williams, R.J. M39G
Williams, T.C. M29A
Williams, V.J. MO62
Williams, W. WO31
Williams, W.F. MO73
Williamson, B. WO11
Williamson, E.M. WO52
Williamson, R.W. M4A
Willis, R.B. M8A
Wills, E.L. M8A
Wills, G.B. M43G
Wilson, A.A. MO3
Wilson, A.F. MO110
Wilson, C.E. M12G
Wilson, E.K. WO36
Wilson, E.M. WO46
Wilson, F.C. M2A
Wilson, G. MO77
Wilson, K.G. MO66
Wilson, L.R. MO89
Wilson, N. MO29
Wilson, R.E. WO27
Wilson, R.G. MO82
Wilson, R.J. M13A
Wilson, S.E. WO19
Wilson, V. WO28
Wiltshire, H.A. MO69
Winchester, F.J. MO93
Windred, J. M32G
Winn, I.N. MO97
Winterflood, B.C. M71A
Wiseman, E.L. O5G
Witcomb, M.H. M39A
Witham, C.N. MO60
Witherow, W.D. MO80
Witt, E.F. M9A
Wolfe, E.W. M35G
Wolfe, J.A. M29G
Wolff, H.A. O7A
Wollard, R.F. MO95
Wood, J.F. O6A
Wood, K.C. M45A
Wood, K.G. MO91
Wood, T.R. M8A
Wood, W. M23G
Wood, W.G. M71A
Woodland, R.B. MO26
Woodlock, C. M68A
Woods, C.M. MO104
Woods, K.R. MO88
Woods, P.G. M56A
Woodward, J.M. WO17
Woodward, R.H. MO3
Woolcott, A.V. WO20
Woollams, C.D. MO69
Woolley, J.C. M56A
Woolnough, E.E. WO17
Worboys, C.S. M1A, 7G
Worner, C.K.P. M43A
Wotherspoon, I.H. MO109
Wray, W.W. M17A
Wright, A.W.H. MO60
Wright, C. M50A
Wright, H.A. M25G
Wright, H.G. M39A
Wright, I.G. M25G
Wright, N.P. M59A
Wright, R.E. M4A, 2G
Wright, V.J. WO55
Wright, W.S. M47A
Wroth, H.C. WO55
Wunnenberg, P.B. WO33
Wyatt, K.P. M37A
Wyatt, L.C. M1A
Wyer, A.F. MO73
Wyer, A.G. MO25
Wyllie, K.S. M26G
Wynne, J.J. M33G
Yardy, C.M. MO49
Yates, J.A. M27G
Yeomans, A.C. M13G
Yeomans, P.A. M21G
Young, E.I. WO33
Young, G.E.S. M13G
Young, G.S.R. MO78
Young, H.H. MO14
Young, H.M. M25G
Young, I.W. O5G
Young, J.G. M40G
Young, K.G. MO60
Young, M. WO46
Young, M.T. M36A
Young, R.M. MO35
Young, V.H. M10G
Young, W.I. MO65
Yum, R. M24G
Zahara, C.C. M26G
Zani, J.A. M33G
Zaunlers, M.J. M62A
Zeising, O.J. MO65
Zeitsch, E.J. M26G
Zeunert, S.I. M5A, 3G
Zinzzerella, N.J. MO60