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Unit Title: Fighter Sector
Equipment Type: Fighter Sector
Formation Order: AFCO 39/42

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Significant Events
  1. Unit occupied the Grammar School, Townsville.
  2. Construction of the fortified headquarters near the base of a hill at Stuart commenced in 1942. The unit moved to a reinforced concrete bunker on the side of a hill near Mount Stuart, on the west side of the road to Charters Towers. It can still be seen today on the hill on the opposite side of Stuart Drive to the Stuart Shopping centre.
    The main operations building was made of 12 inch thick re-inforced concrete designed to withstand a direct bomb strike. It has a messazine floor and was air conditioned. The Fighter Sector comprised 32 rooms in the large rectangular concrete building and caneite partitions formed the passageways. The building still stands today and is 60ft x 42 ft. The nezzanine floor has disappeared.

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